Monday, 12 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 9=Crisis

After 3 hours, just before reaching Fideas town, a town just before Ceroif,

“So this is the town which is near to the borders...!” A few white armored suits suddenly appeared in front of Viqios.

“You are not entering the town,” At the meantime, at a brown glass plain north from the town,

“It appeared that the people who are supposed to be handing over the evidence to us are late,”

“Don’t worry, we have more than a day to deal with this matter. Anyway, we are not allowed to help them.”


“They are legally our enemy. I could be declared a traitor,”

“Can’t you abuse some loopholes?”

“I am a dictator, but I am a legitimate dictator!”

“But this is really crucial to the peace of this region. I suspect that this is a ploy by some people to unite the old federation,”

“What? If it is back when I was a soldier, this makes sense, but with that wuss of the president, I don’t think so. But the citizens...let’s just say that we have our royalists, they have the federalists. Those armored people who attacked us and them are theorized to the federalists,”

“Do my subordinates managed to catch any of of them?”

“No. They always disappear just when we broke their armor,”

“Just like how our royalists operate. Maybe they are attempting to let us taste our own medicine. Like we are allowing this to happen!” At the meantime,

“There’s some fighting out there. I’ll just snipe them from here,” A woman holding a sniper rifle aimed at the armors. “Spell! Internal exploding bullet!” A few bullets were fired through the armors before exploded.

“Wait...what’s happening?” Viqios’s face turned pale upon seeing blood on the helmets.

“I sniped them and turned the bullets into explosives before firing them. It appeared that you were attacked by them,” The woman in blue uniform walked out from the town’s gate.

“Thanks for helping. I need to rush to the north,”

“But that area’s filled with Ceroif’s armed forces! It’s very dangerous,”

“Sorry, I must face them. Don’t worry, I’ll be safe,” He dashed past the crowd who stared at him. Suddenly, a few men in yellow cloaks jumped down the roofs of the surrounding buildings, only to be shot and fall down onto the ground when the crowd dodged them. “Shotgun sounds....someone’s protecting me from my back?” He dashed even faster. After 10 minutes as he dashed past the northern gate of the town, a pink painted armor suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Too bad that you are not going to hand over the disc to those troops out there,”

“You think that you can screwing around like this? You will not get your hands over it!” He took out a handgun with its silencer barrel mounted with four titanium bayonets. Next, a blue painted extended magazine was attached onto the gun’s normal magazine.

“Your pathetic bullets can’t even scratch my armor!” A bronze sword was seen wielded on both of its hands while strafing away from the gunshots fired at it. Upon reaching close, it swung its sword horizontally, but he dashed backwards and sounds of cut fabric was heard.

“Spell! Bullet drill!” A few bullets fired at it drilled through the armor. “Now who’s laughing, huh?” He fired laser shots at it from the extended magazine and it fell down onto the ground before disappearing. After another 5 minutes,

“What are you doing here?” A person in golden cloak walked towards him while he was standing in front of an army.

“I’m here to hand over the evidence that the live broadcast that day was hijacked,”

“Then hand it to me,” He took out a disc to the person before disappearing.

“My dictator, here’s the evidence,” The person appeared inside an APC, kneeling in front of Dergias,”

“Good. It appeared she didn’t actually insulted me. By the way, who’s outside?”

“It’s a man in lab coat,”

“So, are you satisfied with this?”

“Our opinions are the same as you, my dictator,”

“Hmm...I’ll be outside of this vehicle. Wait for my orders,”

“Yes, my dictator,” Back at Viqios,

“Everyone, return to your bases! The final judgement to Wogrit is officially called off!” A man in green cloak with its hood opened appeared in front of him. “Dictatorial guards, stay on put and protect me!”

“What is going on here, my dictator?”

“I am satisfied with your evidence, but it’s unfortunate that it is you whom I am going to see instead of my own son or the president,”

“They were assaulted during their way here, so I am the person who managed to get here first. I was advised to come along in case that this situation arises,”

“I see. By the way, how you managed to get the original footage?”

“I have made a filtering tool to process any extra signals that may come from broadcast signals. To prevent unauthorized people from accessing the materials, I have them saved in remote locations. That’s why we were late,”

“Late enough for us to prepare an invasion, but not to actually invade,”

“You should have just repeal the law. You are a dictator and everyone will simply listen to you,”

“Watch your...!” A Dictator Guard took out a gun and pointed it at Viqios, but Dergias knocked the gun away by using a chopping motion from his right hand.

“He is a foreigner who does not know how our politics actually work. Don’t startle him or we will get into another big trouble,”

“I’m sorry, my dictator,”

“I must emphasize this: I might be a dictator, but I am a legitimate dictator who is appointed through legal and citizen approved methods. By saying this, you are assuming that I am an iron clad dictator like others,”

“I do admit that for a self proclaimed dictator you are unusually kind to your citizens. Anyway, if our government permits, I can personally install the anti-hijack system into your monarchical....”

“It’s not monarchical residence. It’s the Dictatorial Dorm. That is something that I will talk with my subordinates. Anyway, I should be returning for the final verdict. See you soon,” This incident is not truly over yet....

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