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Xiovias-Chapter 14=Dangerous Press Extended

“I have received messages from Maglain that our interpol were deported as well,” The crowd started murmuring.

“Seriously, even Wogrit don’t deport interpols,”

“This is very fishy,”

“By the way, how much is the estimated damage that result from the attack incidents,” A man wearing a mirror badge stood up. At the meantime,

“That’s the signal to prepare fire,”

“Indeed. Remember to not miss,” Back at the press release,

“We have estimated that the damage is worth 40 thousand gold coins, but the actual figure could be increased after evaluation by our evaluators,”

“We have estimated that the damage is worth 20 thousand gold coins, but the actual figure has to be determined by our auditors,”

“Next, I would like to know if the compensation plan is approved, how much is the time required for the compensation gets into the needy’s hands?”

“Our target is less than 25 days, but that will require strict cooperation from all sides,” Dergias said.

“If we handle this together and strict cooperation is adhered, we can do it in 20 days,” Fyerive added.

“Isn’t that this is a little bit too long?”

“We measure this from the moment the compensation plan is announced. The actual time of getting compensation money by the victims is approximately 5 to 7 days if they choose to get the money via bank account access,” At the meantime,

“It’s almost time,” Back at them,

“The next thing I wish to inquire is that what will you do if you found out that Lyhorf federation’s government is directly responsible to this incident?”

“To be frank, the best that we can do is to perform sanctions against them until they apologized and letting us prosecute the criminals involved,” Both said together. At the meantime,

“The aim’s perfect. Die, maggots,” Back at them,

“As expected. They are going to pay,” Sounds of glass breaking was heard with two bullets were seen hanging in the air. At the meantime,

“Damn!” Thunder sparks suddenly struck up, electrocuting them instantly. Back at them,

“What was that just now?”

“Is this an assassination attempt?”

“That was dangerous, but at least they are safe from harm,”

“Dictatorial guards, seek the dead bodies!” Dergias yelled.

“So you were indeed right that someone will be assassinating us,” Fyerive giggled.

“Sir, this guy is suspicious,” A few men in black cloaks pinned a man down and teleported in front of him.

“The mirror someone paid you to do so?” Dergias said, but there was no response.

“He’s dead,” A person in black cloak said.

“Damn...I can’t interrogate anything out!” Dergias slammed his right hand onto the table.

“Who do you think is responsible for this assassination attempt?”

“It’s definitely locals being paid with enormous amount of money. So does this reporter,” Dergias said.

“It could be people who attempted vengeance against us, though,” Fyerive said.

“Sir, the guns used are the models used by Lyhort armed forces, the KP4-X1 Kuda,” At the meantime,

“You used the military model? How could you overlook such an important detail?”

“No. The model is not exactly the same. That is actually KP4-X2 Helang, a civilian use model which does get exported to Wogrit and Ceroif, but unless it is disassembled, it looks exactly like KP4-X1 Kuda,”

“You do this to trap them?”

“Yes. They will get sued over defamation then,” Back at them,

“That is not KP4-X1 Kuda. It is KP4-X2 Helang,” Haverit suddenly showed up with the dead bodies and sniper rifles,”

“What?” The person in black cloak knelt onto the ground.

“The models looks the exactly same, but I disassembled them and saw the parts are different. I bet that the instigator of this incident attempted to trick you into claiming that the Lyhorf government sent spies to assassinate you two,”

“Smart it possible to trace who owns the weapons?” Dergias stared sharply at the weapons.

“These snipers owned these weapons themselves,”

“This is getting complicated. I wondered how the citizens would react over this,” At the meantime, at Fideas town,

“What a bunch of morons. If they really wants to assassinate the leaders they would take each other first instead of firing exactly at the leaders,”

“Yeah. That and using weapons created by that damned new federation,”

“Trying to stir us into public outrage? No way!” A few people in white formal wear were drinking a small glass of beer with a few people in green cloaks.

“Let’s have drinks together!” Back at them,

“By the way, my dictator, there are attacks at the coliseum as we speak, but I have ordered our Riot Guards to stop them,” Haverit said.

“My president, our vice president demanded your return as the presidential office was under attack!” An officer in green formal wear whispered to her.

“If we survived this, let’s resume this joint press release, shall we?”

“Of course,” At the meantime, at the coliseum,

“The protective barrier can only hold on for another 4 minutes! Please give us any commands, sir!” 20 mages were standing inside a large barrier, blocking rocket blasts from people in green formal wear to a hemispherical barrier.

“We’ll die protecting this place! Activate the break release!” The barrier suddenly shattered and exploded outwards. After a few seconds,

“I’m too late...but at least this place is safe,” Haverit and Dergias dashed into the coliseum, but the place was empty inside.

“I was waiting for you, my dear. Today’s meeting was cancelled and you was not here, so I waited for you. What happened?” Dergias’s face turned pale upon seeing a woman in white robe.

“This place was attacked by a bunch of people in green uniform, forcing several riot guards to sacrifice themselves to protect here,”

“What? That’s horrible...” Haverit sighed. At the meantime,

“If you think I am a wuss like my wife, you are wrong! Spell! Spark spread!” Maglain took out a pair of pine wood staff and electric sparks were emitted around a white painted empty room, electrocuting the black cloaked people dashing into it.

“It’s ended, huh?” Fyerive dashed in while seeing dead bodies lying on the ground. There will be some secrets....

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