Saturday, 3 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 2=Route of Safety

“Help me, miss president....” A guard was suddenly crawl to her, only to die upon touching her feet.

“This is not a killing, but a massacre. It can be only the criminal. Now come out, White Killer!” Haverit yelled loudly while Fyerive sealed herself once more. After a minute, sound of a little girl screaming was heard. He quickly ran to the source and saw a stone statue surrounded by several dead bodies of the guards.

“Don’t look, girl. This is going to be brutal,” The girl who was looking through a window lied down onto the ground while he swung his Xiovias. “Hammer crush!” A barely visible cubic barrier appeared in front of the weapon’s tip and the statue was broke into upper and bottom halves. A few more smashes turned it into stone pieces.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” A man with a white beard and green pajamas saw him and suddenly yelled and ran towards him. He ran back to Fyerive and knocked at the ruby.

“He’s an escort of mine and the statue he destroyed it that of the real killer here,” She said and the man slowed down.

“Hey, isn’t this...our president?”

“Please keep this a secret, I beg of you,” She held his hands.


“Because waiting for escorts is risky and we will attract our pursuers if our location is known. By the way, do you know where is the capital?” He said.

“So you are on the run from your enemies. Can’t be helped since that you were accused of insulting the neighbouring dictator.

“I don’t think this incident is that simple. I need to investigate this incident myself,” She let off her hands.

“If that’s the case, the safest route is going to northeast through the Virtea oasic desert. That place is rumored to be haunted, but at least no one will be pursuing you there,”

“Then, we’ll go east to reach Xateria city, followed by Ewelier town at the south and Beltair port town at the northeast before the capital at the southeast. Thank you,” At the meantime, at Xateria city,

“These travel documents should be with me at all times,” The man in a lab coat walked out from his house and a few people in farming clothes with face covering scarf and bamboo woven hats wielding torches suddenly dashed towards him.

“Curses....” He ran away from them out from the town. “I’ll just go the long route then. No one wants to get haunted in the desert,” He kept on running for a few seconds. Ten days later, at Virtea Osaic Desert,

“I thought that what the man said is true, but those people certainly known to exaggerate things. It’s just some mice shrieking,” The two walked quickly along the desert. Palm trees were seen everywhere along with the oasis near to them.

“Yeah. But we have to...wait. Someone’s in front of us. Now stick with me closely,” They saw a man with a lab coat in front of them. After a minute,

“What are you doing here?” Haverit took out his Xiovias and pointed it at the man.

“I mean you no harm! she...?”

“Yes, I am the president. Anyway, you seemed to be hurried,”

“Indeed. I think I can help you, though. You are on the run from the Ceroif forces, isn’t it? I know that your speech was hijacked into something else,”

“ do you know that?” Haverit kept it on a belt.

“I invented a hijack guard and install it into a television of mine and it was suddenly giving odd signals some time ago, so I decided to travel myself to the location of where the footage is actually stored. Hopefully I can make it before anyone reaches my partner who guards that place,”

“Do you wish to be escorted by me? I’m Haverit Balfeir, her bodyguard,”

“I’ll be glad to accept this offer. Where are you going?”

“To where you come from,” She said.

“You better don’t. I was attacked by a few mobs just when exiting my house. It could be the work of your political opponents,”

“What? This is....”

“So you are the man who presented the device to the public a year ago. This means...they know that the hijacking and decided to let this incident causing my death and force an election so that they have a chance to seize power for themselves. These scums....”

“Where are you going, then?” Haverit asked him.

“I’m going to Nogrint forest southeast from here.. That place is rumored to be haunted too. That’ll scare our pursuers away,”

“Followed by Arzios city,”

“Yes. Next, I’ll be getting my remote content at Kufrio city, east to Arzios. Hopefully this route will be safe,”

“It’s hard to say. The royalists and Dictatorial Guards are attacking us back in a forest west from here,”

“Winceiy forest? This is gonna suck. But we just have to move on. Military activities near the northern border is escalating as we speak,” The three walked together. At the meantime, somewhere unknown,

“What do you mean by you failed to track him? Damn that asshole. If he ever get hands on the remote footage....”

“I suggest that you just wait for him at Kufrio Presidential University. I suspect that the remote content is stored there,”

“A few spies will do if this is true....” At the meantime, at a palace,

“So, how is the intimidation going?”

“The Peacekeeping Force does not respond. Also, the vice president will be making a live press statement now,”

“Let’s see what will the bitch’s assistant say about this,” Dergias turned on a TV.

“Wogrit government will not bow down to such a ridiculous request from the dictator as it is a gross disrespect to our foreign law immunity. In addition, I would want to remind every nation of this planet to not attempt to enforce any of their local laws here or face legal actions against them. However, it is very saddening that we have yet to find our president yet, but a few reliable sources have said that she is currently safe,”

“Oh? You will be regretting it....” This is bad....

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