Friday, 2 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 1=Forest Escape

“I have researched about that barrier and created accessories that block its effects. Now you will die, traitor,” The person in black cloak suddenly dashed towards Haverit while taking out a stainless steel machete. Barely dodging the slashes, he stepped backwards for a few seconds before swung his Xiovias upwards.

“Is this what you got?” The machete was thrown upwards with a red line dripping with blood was seen on the person’s left hand. The person screamed while punching him using left hand, but he strafed to his right and swung his Xiovias right towards the person’s neck. The weapon hit right at the spot, knocking the person down onto the ground. “It is your fate that you die here. Spell! Burn spread!” The person was stabbed at the heart and burned until only bones were left.

“That is certainly cruel...I wondered how life there really is compared to those state sponsored....” The barrier disappeared and Fyerive walked slowly towards him with her face turned pale.

“You just plain don’t insult my country this way! I can’t believe that you trust news sources that deliberately antagonized us!” He pointed his Xiovias at her.

“Then explain why you kill him that way!”

“If I do not do this, the royalists who found his dead body will have ways to revive this person, even if the soul is being replaced. By completely destroying the body down to the bones, they will never be able to do anything with it,”

“I never thought about this before,”

“They will send the revived people overseas for plastic surgery and change their faces to the point that they look completely different. That’s why the royalists can keep on going despite having their activities intercepted by your legal enforcement,”

“I see. Anyway, I must return to the capital as soon as possible. My officials will be helping me,” At the meantime, at the room she were in,

“The president is missing,” A man in white formal wear told another man. Blood splatters were seen on the ground with the dead bodies of the bodyguards and cameraman.

“The camera is completely destroyed...there’s no way we can get the footage. The security cameras were damaged too....”

“Look at the transcript!” A woman in a blue F-1 suit yelled. The men walked to the podium and saw a few pieces of paper lying on it.

“This is not the original transcript. The real transcript is presumably destroyed,” A man took out a monocle and looked through it. “These special seals used by her does not exist in this transcript,”

“We must get to her as soon as possible. Call the search squad and find them!” At the meantime,

“Have you made sure that the original transcript is destroyed?”

“Yes, my dictator,”

“Go and rest for now. She will be in deep trouble sooner or later,” Back to the forest,

“I don’t think we can move out from here until tomorrow. This forest is large,” Haverit said to Fyerive.

“I am the president after all. I know where I am going. Another half an hour we’ll be arriving at Ceranes town. The town mayor is a friend of mine before I was elected for presidency,”

“Get down!” He suddenly tackled her down onto the ground and the two saw an arrow hit a nearby tree.

“That arrow...this can’t be a good thing,” The two stood up and their faces turned pale upon seeing the arrow suddenly disappeared. They turned around and saw another person in silver cloak.

“Crystal guard!” She was sealed again in an octahedral ruby with shockwaves emitted from it. That time, the person’s skin turned gray while pointing a crossbow at him. The crossbow’s limbs were thick and sharpened.

“Rock skin state...this means nothing to me, asshole!” His Xiovias’s tip was burning while he was dashing towards the person. An arrow fired at him barely missed his neck. Upon reaching close, fireballs were fired from the tip, but they were extinguished upon hitting him. Next, he swung the weapon repeatedly at the person, only to be dodged by stepping backwards.

“You are finished!” The person suddenly pointed the crossbow at him and fired another arrow, but he strafed to his left and acid jets were fired from the Xiovias’s tip. Holes were seen on the left arm area of the cloak before the person was disappeared.

“Fear of getting exposed, huh?” He walked back to her, but the person in the black cloak suddenly reappeared and and pointed the crossbow at him. “As I expected,” An arrow shot out from it hit the Xiovias held upwards on his back. He quickly turned around, grabbed the arrow and threw it upwards before dashing towards him.

“You....” The person dashed towards him too. Upon reaching close, he stabbed the ground and shockwaves threw the person away to a nearby tree, knocking the person unconscious.

“Your death is certain. Spell! Burn spread!” The person was stabbed and burned until only bones were left.

“I think we better rush our way there. There could be enemy reinforcements,” The barrier disappeared and she was running away from him.

“Indeed,” He quickly followed her. At the meantime,

“Bones...looks like we have a big traitor protecting our target. He must be not far away from this place,” A woman wearing a black Kevlar suit touched a set of skeletons. “He thought that there is no way for us to deal with this. He is now wrong. Very wrong,” A black gemstone was placed into the mouth and a purple beam was fired upwards to the sky. “He will notice this!” A black mirror suddenly appeared above the beam, blocking it. Back at them,

“That place...someone has done something to the skeleton that I slain before! Run!” The two ran faster. After 15 minutes, they jumped over the gates, only to saw no one in the town. A few guards were seen dead on the ground with their heads separated from the rest of their bodies.

“Someone possibly has reached here before us. Let’s explore here a bit,” The danger is worsening....

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