Sunday, 25 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 13=Dangerous Press

The next morning at 0700,

“This is considered late, you know. We need to have the setups done before 0730,” A mini stage was being assembled with several portable lighting balls were floating around them. Fyerive was standing close to Dergias on a brown glass plain.

“Don’t worry. The press release is on 0800 anyway,”

“But the journalists should be at here by 0730 and they will expect the press release would start earlier,”

“So getting everything done early is part of Wogrit’s work culture. At this country, we work to achieve precision. Everything has to complete at the exact time,”

“That is risky....”

“But your work culture reeks of inefficient time consumption planning,”

“Indeed,” At 0750,

“What the cunt you are doing here? Get into positions and be ready!” Dergias yelled at green cloaked people.

“That’s...quite...extreme....” Fyerive’s face turned pale.

“If I don’t cuss they won’t move their fucking asses, you know. This is why precision is important. We expect them to do things exactly during certain times,”

“But this strains everyone, isn’t it?”

“A little. But with our strong sense of efficiency, this will be our driving force to develop this nation,”

“Sounds a little bit unnerving....”

“Whatever it is, let’s wait for the exact time,” At the meantime,

“So, have you planned the snipers?”

“Of course. I even have them outfitted with uniforms,”

“Good. Now prepare to snipe them from afar,”


“No. Wait until they are almost done. I have arranged a journalist who will ask a lot of questions when other journalist stopped asking questions,”

“Hey, I thought that only local media are invited,”

“No. They let everyone join. How foolish of them,” Right at 0800,

“Now, I believe that you are all know about a few attacking incidents that happened over the few days. Allow us to offer an explanation,”

“Go ahead, bitch and bastard!” A journalist pointed two middle fingers at them. A few green cloaked people grabbed him.

“Release him! His anger is justified,” Dergias yelled. “We have speculated that the people who are responsible behind these incidents are the federalists who are tricking us to get into war and then have Lyhorf claim back the lands. We are not that foolish. Anyway, we jointly request to the entire planet to track them down and deport them to us. If they can wreak havoc here, we believe that they will wreak havoc in other countries,”

“Seriously...that is a wild speculation!” The journalists started talking among themselves.

“They would rather let the citizens riled up against their own leader than other countries to prevent wars...kind of a pity,”

“That does explain why the armored people are attacking the factories and the sales of cloaks suddenly spiked....”

“This is not an excuse, damnit!”

“Shut up, moron! Temporary destruction of small scale is more favourable than that of long term destruction at large scale!”

“There’s still destruction and death, especially on Ceroif’s side!”

“To be honest, we are considering providing mutual aids, but that will require permission from our legislative council,” Fyerive continued speaking.

“I will try to get that passed in the coliseum,” Dergias added.

“This would be a good thing, I guess, but the dead bodies won’t live again....”

“Talk about a hell of compensation,”

“By the way, we will tighten up our security in case of similar situations happen again,” Both spoke together.

“I would like to know if any of you will ask anything,” Dergias said.

“How is the mutual aid would be?”

“This will be brought into discussion first and if this gets approved, we’ll reveal the details together,” Both spoke together once more. At the meantime,

“What the fuck do you mean by using locals?”

“I have anticipated that these snipers could end up dead. If we use our own people, we will be exposed and future operations will be difficult,”

“Also, if this gets successful, the general public would be riled up. Then, we can just sit back, watch the fireworks and clean up this mess once they have done,”

“This could be backfiring, though. They do not do the joint live press release for nothing,”

“That is not enough to appease the pissed off citizens. Anyway, our snipers are ready,” Back at them,

“Then, do you manage to at least identify anyone possibly responsible in these incidents?”

“So far, we have yet to catch anyone. Thus, we urge to everybody who knows about this incident to report to our legal authorities,”

“Some critics has mentioned about the deployment of protective spells to reduce the amount of casualties,”

“I admit that deploying them is a good choice and I hereby apologize for not doing so,” Dergias said with a lower tone.

“Also, how is your son doing? Rumors said that he is in the capital,”

“Only my citizens know them, not me. He never contacted me since he left for the unofficial visit. By the way, are you expecting him to be another false savior?” Dergias said with a normal tone.

“While he did saved my life and escorted our key witness, Viqios Kalre, it is ultimately Viqios who prevented the scandal from turning into war. Without his anti-hijack technology, things will certainly get worse,” Fyerive added.

“I heard rumors that there should be plans of deploying the entire system for both countries,”

“We have ministers working on this, but the details are currently confidential until it is ready for public review,” Fyerive said.

“What are your opinions regarding Lyhort’s decision of applying foreign law immunity?”

“That is not foreign law immunity. I know I might get flamed for this, but it’s foreign criminal protection. I got some messages from my interpol units that they were forcibly sent back to our territories,” The crowd was murmuring. “By the way, you should check with your husband of vice-president, Fyerive. Oh, and congrats on the marriage,”

“This is not the time to comment on this, dictator,” Her face suddenly turned pale upon checking her cellphone. The message reads,

“This is bad, my dear! Our interpol officers in Lyhorf were deported!” This is getting very bad....

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