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Xiovias-Chapter 30=Crisis Final Stage Part Seventh

"In exchange, we will suspend all sanctions imposed upon Lyhorf federation until the day the election results are announced. Talks to repeal sanctions shall be done between us and the new government," The four leaders said together.

"Deal, but as of now, I need them right now because we have to brief them about what they should do during the nomination day,"

"I can send them, but you have to pay the usual prices,"

"As expected from the Boss of Ervilant. Am I right, Sirph Soletia?"

"So you do know who I am,"

"Then, there's the Imperior of Nadlas, Kathraon Impralij,"

"For knowing my name, I'll send my recruits to you. They are certainly not the best around, but they are more than enough to one shot those armored people. I'll prepare the list for you, Ertier Ertinac. By the way, what's your plan regarding the nomination process? You can't use the soldiers or you'll risk being criticized of millitary interference," Kathraon said.

"Indeed, but so far the citizens seemed to be enthusiastic to help along. Perhaps this is a good sign that the citizens cared about this election more than the previous ones," Ertier said.

"Then you might want to set up voluntary citizen security force," Dergias added.

"That's a good idea. I'll execute this idea soon," Ertier said.

"The personnel you needed will be in your country 2 hours from now. Is that fine with you?" Sirph asked.

"That's completely fine with me. In fact, we have to draft the complete security plans quickly too so the arrival of your officers would be a nusciance if they arrive to early," Ertier said.

"Then drop us a call to tell me when you are done," Sirph said.

"I will," The communication was ended.

"So, we should split up and work on what we have agreed upon, right?" Fyerive asked.

"Of course!" Everyone else yelled. The next morning at a nomination center,

"It's not the time yet, isn't it?" Redolie asked Haverit while setting up canopies with election officers.

"Indeed. Seriously, why the leaders are sending people like us to this place? It's not like this mission is that important," Haverit replied.

"That's because what we do today can be good diplomatic tools when there are disputes between the new federation. Plus, we won't know how strong the federalists will be. Judging from the number of security officers, I don't think the federalists would be able to kill any nominees,"

"Hopefully this is really the case," After 30 minutes,

"Security officers, take your positions!" A woman in yellow formal wear yelled. No one was coming for 2 hours. At the meantime, at the rooftop of a tall building east to the nomination center,

"No one's coming. Is it possible that they do not come because of our threats?"

"Keep your focus, dude. We won't know if anyone comes to nominate a name for the election. No one has announced their nomination, something that never happened before," Then, a man wearing black formal wear appeared with two bodyguards in blue formal wear.

"Shot...!" Thunder sparks were suddenly seen striking down onto the building.

"So what I have suspected is true. Those people...just because you are not wearing armors does not mean that you cannot be detected," Cephiane sighed, but suddenly a person in black armor charged towards her. "Like I will allow you to backstab me!" She strafed to her right, slashed through the armor and kicked the person crashing onto the wall. At the meantime,

"What? All attacks on the nomination centers have failed with no one surviving?"

"Then we just have to go all out this time," After 15 minutes,

"Die!" A person in white armor suddenly appeared and fired a laser beam to a woman inside a booth, only to be blocked by an invisible barrier. Several people who saw the person charged towards said person but a sword stab onto the ground emitted shockwaves and they were collapsed.

"You are the one who should die instead!" Haverit appeared in front of the person.

"Now I know why the attacks on the nomination centers have failed. It's all because of you filthy foreigners! I, Harfiav Klaqod, the chief of Lyhorf Old Federation Restoration Alliance, shall end your life here and crash this election!"

"So you really wanted to kill me, huh? Then show me you have the proof of it! Spell! Grave stone storm!" Grave stones suddenly dropped onto Harfiav repeatedly, but he dashed forward towards Haverit. Upon reaching close, he stretched out his arms, but Haverit crouched and stabbed through him. "Spell! Electric shock!" Current was flowing from the Xiovias to him, electrocuting him instantly. 

"Evil never pays, so does attempting to forcibly restore the old federation," The next morning,

"I, Irkadlain Werzind, shall no longer repeat the mistakes that our former government has done. Secession of teritorries are natural and will happen if  a government of a country does not manage it well. The federalism with the goal of restoring the old federation is something that should not be part of anyone's mind. I will do my best to repair to broken bonds with the neighbouring countries so that this region can return to the good old days of mutual prosperity. As such, I shall sign this Chairman Elective and start my duty as the Chairman of Lyhorf Federation effective immediately," After 15 minutes,

"Chairman, you got a call from Dergias, the dictator of Ceroif,"

"Congratulations on winning the position,"

"That's nothing. But then again, I will erect a statue near to your borders to make sure that everyone remembers the day where we waged wars,"

"Sure," Dergias ended the call.

"Another call. This is the chairman speaking here,"

"Congratulations on winning the position," Fyerive said.

"Thank you. By the way, should we start the talks about the sanction repeals? The caretaking government has done as what you and other countries requested,"

"Oh? So you really want to talk about that this fast. Fine. I'll arrange a good time, date and place for it,"

"Hopefully the results of this talk will benefit everyone,"

"That is absolutely right. But everything is over now, isn't it?"

"No. This is just the beginning to restore peace in this region. Hopefully this goal will be achieved in short time," The crisis is finally over....

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