Thursday, 1 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 0=The Deadly Speech

A woman in her early 30s wearing a blue formal wear was standing on a black podium, holding a white microphone.

"President, you may begin," A cameraman standing beside a few bodyguards in trackwear said.

"Today, I shall personally make a press statement live regarding several recent incidents regarding the serial killing of white and able bodied people in our neighbouring country, Ceroif. We have certainly heard the implausibility of discrimination of white or able bodied people, but the recent serial killings has proven to us that this is not true at all,”

“Our countrymen are saddened by their deaths and unless the killers are brought to justice, they will never be able to rest in peace. Thankfully, most of the international community has agreed with us. However, I am also disappointed that there are irresponsible remarks over the internet which denied such incidents genuinely happened, assuming that there are white and able bodied people who staged these incidents,”

“I am also glad that the dictator of Ceroif had personally gave us a notice about a few wanted suspects who were reported to be fleeing towards this country. If we have discovered them, they shall be deported immediately back to Ceroif to be arrested by their own legal enforcement. However, we will not allow any of their legal enforcement officers enter our territories to arrest them,”

“Such an act constitutes a disrespect towards our legal sovereignty and shall not be tolerated, even if this means declaring war towards other nations. We expect every country to respect this stance we have adopted as we respect other countries’ decision to not arrest our criminals who escaped to their geographical territories. May God bless us,”

“Great job,” The cameraman said. At the meantime, somewhere inside a palace,

“I strongly condemn such an act of ignorance by the general public of Ceroif, especially when that involves the goddamned bastard of the dictator, Dergias fucking Balfeir,”

“I thought that only ordinary citizens would dare to challenge this law. If this is what you want, you theocratic bitch, I’ll show you what I can do to your country. My officers!” A man in silver coated cloak yelled.

“Yes, my dictator,” A few people wearing golden cloaks appeared behind him.

“You know what should be done next, right?”
“Yes, my dictator,” They disappeared. At the meantime, somewhere inside a wooden house in a forest,

“My anti-hijacking signals are on...this is not supposed to be happening...thankfully my recording devices are working properly at another well hidden place. Let’s see what is the hijacking,” A man wearing round spectacles and a white lab coat was watching television. After 5 minutes, “This is a very serious matter. I must find her as soon as possible,” At the meantime, somewhere unknown,

“This is certainly interesting. She never knew that her own officers were bribed to do such a thing. I wondered how long she would be last. Let’s sit back and see how things happen. Perhaps this is a good chance for us to seize power for ourselves!” Back to the president,

“Argh!” The bodyguards and cameraman suddenly screamed as their backs were slashed using a black painted swords. As their bodies fell down onto the ground, she saw people in gold cloaks pointing the swords at her.

“Fyerive Onsiel, you shall be subjected to lese-majeste! Either you come with us or get killed!” They dashed towards her, but suddenly firework sparks struck up from the ground and emitted urine smelling smokes.

“Hold me closely,” A man in blue cloak suddenly held her hand and the two disappeared.

“You know who I am, right? I could sue you for sexual harassment, you know,” She took out a handgun and pointed it at him while the two appeared inside a forest. “You might as well die for attempting to assault me,”

“Hey, you should be grateful that I rescued you from those Dictatorial Guards from Ceroif. If this is your attitude towards me, fine. But do not regret if they found you and kill you on the spot,”

“What do you mean by that? And who are you?”

“Your live broadcast for a press statement was hijacked into a personal insult towards my father. He must be very furious that you as the president personally insulted him. Otherwise, he will not send those Dictatorial Guards to arrest you this quickly,”

“This is the first time I heard this. I know that I cannot afford to not trusting you, but be warned that I can kill you under the name of personal defense if you ever attempt anything that can hurt me. Want to be my bodyguard? I’ll hire you straight away for a good price,”


“I am Fyerive Onsiel, the president of Wogrit,”

“Haverit Balfeir, now at your service!” He knelt onto the ground and stabbed his pencil shaped club onto the ground.

“That weapon...the the legend is true?”

“Yes. This weapon is used by my father to fight in the independence war 25 years ago. He passed this weapon to me a year ago, saying that I should be travelling around the world to gain wisdom before ruling the country for real, but I dislike the dictatorial state of the country, especially with the law used to attempt arrest on you,”

“Then there’s repeated incidents of abducting their so called offenders to be jailed,” Sounds of explosion were suddenly heard and smokes were emitted everywhere.

“You can no longer escape, you fucking scums!” A person in silver cloak suddenly appeared in front of them. “So our dictator’s son has become a traitor? Interesting. I’ll kill both of you!” The person suddenly dashed towards them.

“Crystal guard!” Fyerive yelled and she was sealed inside an octahedral ruby with a red coloured shockwave emitted away from it. The person in silver cloak stopped moving. Haverit touched the crystal, but nothing happened.

“Curses...I can’t use my teleportation powers?”

“This will protect me from harm while petrifying any enemies around. As the president, I should leave the fighting to my bodyguard, who is you. But apparently that person is protected from the effects. Please dispose him on my behalf,” Fyerive said.

“As you said,” He dashed forward while the person in silver cloak was walking slowly. This tragedy starts....

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