Saturday, 31 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 29=Crisis Final Stage Part Six

The next morning, at Telrade river bank,
"So those people are it really good to continue this meeting?" A person in yellow cloak asked.

"Don't worry too much about that. We got former nation invading gangsters...!" A person in white robe said, but was quickly slapped by another person in black formal wear and mask.

"We used to be that, but we are now proper citizens!"

"That does not discount the fact that your preceedors were borderline legal gangsters who launched a sudden attack on a micronation to gain a territory as base to conduct gangsterism related activities,"

"That's undeniably true. In fact, we were once Nadlas citizens...."

"By the way, where are the people in F-1 uniforms? They sure be...!" People in black armors were suddenly seen charged through the river.

"Fire the cannons!" A person in F-1 uniforms yelled and cannonballs were launched over other people to the river. The cannonballs slammed several people in black armor down onto the ground, but the rest were still charging through.

"It's time for us to do the job. Rocket squad, fire!" People in black formal wear and mask fired rocket from the launchers mounted on their shoulders, but the surviving people in black armor were still charging through.

"We'll be on your assistance! Spell! Tidal wave!" The person in yellow cloak yelled while taking out an oak wood staff. A wave washed them backwards and they disappeared.

"So the invasion is repelled, huh? Let's continue with this. We are are not supposed to stop just because the enemies has stopped attacking," At the meantime,

"Damn...we are tricked into attacking decoys!"

"They changed the venue last minute and apparently knew that we are going to attack them...."

"We got a lot of traitors spreading our information,"

"They will pay for this, but before that, contact our allies overseas and determine possible positions!" At the meantime, inside Fideas town hall,

"I received reports that the attacks at the Telrade river bank has retreated," A person in black formal wear and mask whispered to another person in the same clothing.

"My subordinates has told me that my people managed to repeal attacks on the decoy meeting just now,"

"I do not consider this a good news at all. In fact, it signifies that there will be people surviving and attempt to attack us once our position is known to them. After all, this place was once used for the meeting on sanction repeals between us and Ceroif," Fyervive said.

"Indeed. In fact, this place is unusually heavy guarded at as speak. That is an obvious sign that we are here," Dergias said.

"At least with the current power of the federalists, they cannot penetrate this defense. But I do get wary of possible espionage. I was almost assassinated when poisonous food was served in front of me, but when I suffer from diarrhea and end up not eating anything I was saved," A person in red robe said.

"So this is the pathetic defense of this secret meeting on how to oppose my country, huh?" A woman wearing green formal wear appeared in front of them and the walls suddenly turned from white to black.

"Protect them! I'll kill this bastard myself," Haverit suddenly appeared and pointed his Xiovias at her. 

"You are so full with yourself, Sceriore Igneris! Why you are serving the federalists instead of fighting in gladiatorial matches?"

"That's because I want to see the new federation returns to its old glory!"

"That is impossible! Fragmentation of a large country is a natural process and any attempts to reverse it will bring more tragedy!"

"Then explain the independence war to me! That thing was started by your predecessors!"

"You must have been misinformed. The war broke out as the result of secession talks breaking down and both sides declared war against each other!"

"I do not believe you!" She took out a platinum rapier and dashed towards him.

"You can stick with your own beliefs, but to assault the leaders for opposing the unification? You are no different than any criminals!" Upon reaching close, she strafed to her right while swinging her rapier to her left, but he dashed back and forth.

"You can't defeat me this easily!" He attempted to stab her, but she suddenly swung her rapied downwards and the Xiovias was knocked downwards. "Take this!" He was punched and kicked at the stomach, sending him crashing onto a barrier in front of them. She dashed towards him while pointing her rapier to him.

"Get away from the barrier now!" A man in white cloak yelled. He strafed away from the barrier and it turned yellow while she was close to him, but she suddenly stopped and dashed backwards.

"This cheap trick is not going to kill me. Spell! Wind slash!" Her rapier was covered with winds while she dashed towards him, but upon reaching close he suddenly strafed in a circular motion and punched him onto the still yellow barrier.

"Argh!" She screamed just before electrocuted and collapsed onto the ground.

"This is what you get for messing with me!" The barrier was disappeared.

"Great job. So, what do you think?" Fyerive asked.

"We got a communication request from Lyhorf," A man in white robe suddenly told them.

"Connect to us immediately. I wondered what makes the country to contact us this way,"

"I'm very sorry to interrupt your meeting on martitime cooperation, but I have received information from our police that there is a high possibility that the federalists would attack the nomination process,"

"Then? Isn't that your country is completely sealed?"

"After an emergency meeting, we decided to unseal our country and repeal all sanctions upon all neighbouring countries immediately for exchange for hiring foreign security guards to protect them as attacks on our police stations throughout the country has cut off our policemen by half,"

"That is a very dire situation which can potentially harm us...." Dergias mumbled to himself.

"Deal. Of course, we will impose sanctions against you if the future governement reapply the sanctions on us,"

"That is no longer our concern. For the safety of this region, I hope that the nomination process will be a smooth process," The danger is almost a climax....

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