Sunday, 25 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 18=Armor Trouble Part Three

It was 1800. Zadras and Caelioe were wandering around the capital, waiting for people of the coliseum to contact them. At the meantime, in the coliseum,
"I have received reports that there is a whistleblower who will come to us and reveal crucial information related to the incidents that happened lately. I request that this information to be disclosed to everyone here," Dergias said at the center.

"My dictator, do have information of who that person could be?"

"What I can tell you before this agenda is passed by this coliseum is that this person is from Lyhorf federation and is at some degree involved in this incident,"

"For what reasons you are requesting this agenda to be passed?"

"Once we have known the information, we can discuss what to do next,"

"I understand, my dictator,"

"Please proceed with the general vote," Everyone raised their hands,

"It's a clean yes vote,"

"Then, I shall summon him and an escort of his to this hall in case of assassination attempts," Back at them,

"Caelioe," She received a phone call. "Please come to the coliseum with the person you were escorting earlier,"


"Please be hurry. The coliseum members are waiting,"

"Indeed," The call was ended. "Let's go. They are waiting for us,"

"I thought that I would get an audience with the dictator himself,"

"No. He wants the information to be revealed by to all the members of the coliseum to determine what they will do next. Of course, they might share this information with Wogrit,"

"As long as they know the truth, I don't care. I just fear that the black formal wear people come and strike again," After 15 minutes, inside of the coliseum,

"These are the people I was talking about," Dergias said upon the two entered. "Please enter this ring and tell us what do you wish to reveal to us," Dergias opened a door and exited the seat he was in. The two entered and a purple glass looking ring barrier appeared around him.

"Thank you for granting me this audience to all of you. I am Zadras Nalger, the director of Lahanas Weapons Manufacturing," The crowd suddenly burst into murmuring.

"This is insane! How could he enter this land without getting caught by the Lyhorf authorities?"

"My dictator, this is an emergency! We got an emergency call from Lyhorf Federation!" A person in golden cloak suddenly appeared beside Dergias.

"Tell them to allow the call to be broadcasted here or we will refuse to answer it," Dergias said.

"I'll tell them about this," The person in golden cloak disappeared.

"Please resume while my Dictatorial Guards deal with the matter,"

"I can tell you that the armored people, as most have speculated, are the federalists. But contrary to popular belief, they are citizens of Wogrit and Ceroif to blur the sights,"

" could there be federalists in our country?" A person who sitting the the audience seats yelled.

"They have existed long in this country. We can't imprison them for their beliefs, but we have to expose who are allowing these incidents to happen," Another person spoke loudly.

"However, it is true that the people ultimately responsible for the recent incidents are Lyhorf citizens," Zadras said.

"Sanction the country!" The crowd yelled.

"I will not bring this agenda yet. What we will do next depends on the further revelation of Zadras and the call that we have received just now,"

"My dictator, they agreed that the call to be broadcasted to the coliseum," The person in golden cloak appeared again.
"Great. Do it now," The person took out the cellphone and it was sealed in a purple barrier.

"I have heard that a citizen of ours called Zadras Nalger have entered your country,"

"Indeed, but we are currently unable to locate him,"

"I see. I demand to you to search for him and hand him over to us or we will conduct sanctions against you,"

"Should I say further sanctions? It's not like our country was never screwed by you before!" The crowd clapped their hands,

"I know that you are lying and you will regret that you speak such words, you fucking degenerate scum!" The call was ended.

"If that was before the law was repealed...." Dergias whispered to himself.

"I will return to Lyhorf once I am done here. Don't worry about me. After all, if it takes a life to maintain peace, I'll do it,"

"No. We will offer political refuge to you. But if you insist on refusing, we will at least escort you back. Is this fine for everyone here?" Everyone raised their hands.

"Sorry, but I will return on my own. I will not put burden to you after my country doing such a thing. At least my sacrifice will not be in vain,"

"As you wish, but at least that lady with you might not wanting this to happen," Dergias giggled.

"No. This is his duty. Please proceed with the revelation before any possible assault incidents happen here," Caelioe said.

"Remember the armored people who attacked the northern parts of the country? They are federalists from Lyhorf. These armors were made in my factory. When I checked upon the orders made, I was surprised that there are federalists who are high ranked personnel in the Lyhorf Federation,"


"Damn these people...."

"One of them is...!" A thunder spark suddenly struck down from the ceiling and he jumped out from the seat.

"Activate the emergency security system!" Dergias yelled and the entire coliseum turned white.

"What was happening here?"

"How could someone cast a spell into this place? This place is supposed to be protected from such a thing," At the meantime,

"What? We could not strike at the coliseum anymore?"

"Yes. They have activated the emergency security system in the coliseum and it blocked any transmissions into the coliseum,"

"Damn...we could not kill that guy...but at least we can prove that he is now in the coliseum. If we revealed this to the officials...."

"Then we have excuse to wage wars against it. And them we are one step closer to reuniting the old federation!" The danger continues....

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