Saturday, 31 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 25=Crisis Final Stage Part Two

The next morning,
"Explain this incident to me, you fucking Imperior!"

"This is what you get for chasing out our journalists, interpol officers and our diplomat. You are being rude to us first, you fucking chairman!"

"So you are doing this to get exact revenge on us...fine. Return them to us and we will negotiate,"

"No. They are officially political refugees on Nadlas which will not be returned to you unless the election is over and you allow us to send our diplomat back in your country,"

"If not for this election, I will wage war against you,"

"Oh? Let's just say that I have made a pact between Ervilant Territory, Wogrit and Ceroif to oppose your arrogant attitude towards us. You shall face sanctions once this election is over and you are still the chairman,"

"Let's see then. The opposition might want to have a word with you,"

"Go ahead. I will win the election and go against you all!" At the meantime,

"Hey, we can't lie to him about his father's condition for long. He will visit his dad soon before the nomination process,"

"I guess that we just have to go the extreme way,"

"Yeah. This bug must be disposed or our situation would get worse. Anyway, we'll form a party and get support," At the meantime, inside the same hall where the negotiation went the day before,

"What do you think? If we attempt to impose sanctions now, we could be accused of attempting to interrupt foreign elections, which would make our name bad among other countries," Fyerive asked Maglain and Dergias.

"Well, that is not a problem. What they did to us are already bad to begin with and we are just punishing what they did to us. If the current opposition wins, they can start talking on sanction repeals, just like what we did yesterday," Dergias said.

"As I expect from the dictator. But should we speak of this with the Imperior and the Boss about this?"

"That is not necessary. I, Pallais Predia , the Boss of Ervilant Territory and Vahing Ortrei, the Imperior of Nadlas Imperial Kingdom has agreed to impose sanctions on them as the result of executing whistleblowers under the name of treason. Their acts of attempting to trigger war among Wogrit and Ceroif plus expulsion of diplomats, journalists and interpol officers cannot be ignored and must be punished to the maximum possible extrent!" A woman wearing black formal wear and a gas mask appeared in front of them.

"Indeed. But when we are going to do this? As soon as possible?" Dergias asked her.

"Yes. I believe that we have planned this all along and have done adequate preparations for this," She said.

"Indeed," Fyerive winked at her. "We can start at anytime we want, but is attempting to contact the opposition a good idea?"

"Never. That is an act of foreign influence into internal matters and this is very frowned upon. Then again, once we have the sanction announcement done before the nominations three days from now, I think that it is possible that we can force the contending parties to please us,"

"Yes. In fact, they will be terrified on the embargo that we will impose on them," One day later,

"What? My father was murdered?"

"Yes. I saw this with my own eyes and I overheard them attempting to crash the nomination process by hiring foreign assassins,"

"This is ridiculous! Now keep this silence while I devise plans for myself,"

"I understand," After half an hour,

"I, Furlan Kisias, the caretaking chairman of Lyhorf federation, shall resign from all administrative and party memberships and ranks. All subsequent caretaking of this country shall be held by a person named by the election committee. I shall also not contending for the general election," Fyerive was watching the television.

"What? What drives him to do so? This is a big news!" Her face turned pale. Back at Furlan, after another half an hour,

"Sir, I made it safely to here,"

"So, you are the person who contacted me earlier,"


"Let's flee to Wogrit and seek political refuge. What they did is too far, but the opposition would be a problem...."

"That is not something that should be a concern. I have informed the opposition on the matter and they have made adequate preparations to prevent any deaths,"

"I see. Can we leave now?"

"Sure. I just hope that my arrival would not spell my doom...." Back at Fyerive,

"Madam president, the chairman, no, the former chairman of Lyhorf Federation has requested for a meeting with you along with a woman who is believed to be his assistant," An unknown officer called Fyerive.

"Let him in, but keep them at watch at all times. Call several peacekeeping officers to guard my room," The call was ended. After 5 minutes,

"So you have come to us. I wondered what happened to you so badly that you are willing to let go of all political powers?" Fyerive saw Furlan in purple formal wear and a woman in brown formal wear entering her room. Six people in green F-1 uniform with assault rifles held on their right hand was seen standing inside.

"Before I proceed, my name is Iallie Yajiol, his personal assistant. His father was killed by the federalists a while ago," The two stood in front of her who was sitting in front of a desk.

"What? This is insane! Is there any infighting among them?"

"Indeed. He opposed to the plan of attempting a full scale war against Wogrit and Ceroif and he was kidnapped as the result, but when he opposed to the idea of sabotaging the nomination process, his head fell off onto the ground,"

"What they did...what they did...I will not forgive them!"

"So now you know how dangerous the federalists are, former chairman Furlan. We have warned you against siding them, but it took a life of close person to make you aware of this...."

"I think I know what you want to do. We can offer political refuge on you two with the condition that you will help us on opposing Lyhorf as it stands now. I think you want to reform your country at this point, isn't it?"

"Deal," The danger is increasing....

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