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Xiovias-Chapter 20=Armor Trouble Part Five

"That dictator...whatever it is, I demand you to hand over the people back to this federation or face further sanctions on our behalf, including military sanctions, if you know what I mean. Of course, I will file deportation requests as usual,"

"That depends on what they are going to reveal to us. Don't forget that political refuge cannot be deported away no matter what and it takes preceedence over deportation requests,"

"We'll see about that. Of course, if we have to accomplish our goal or restoring the old federation under citizen's demand, we can do this anytime. Don't say that I didn't warn you," The call was ended.

"That asshole. Maglain, is the militarization plan draft complete?"

"It is completed and awaiting your review,"

"Then have it reviewed by the public first. They forced us to speed this up...we are already stopping this nonsensical politics played by them," The two left the room and walked to the room Quanvor and Filvea were waiting in.

"Sorry for making you waiting. By the way, for security reasons, our peacekeeping officers will be in this room. Please understand,"

"Of course I understand. By the way, I, Quanvor Parigas, chief executive officer of Lahanas Weapons Manufacturing, request that I be deported back to Lyhorf. I know that I will be executed over this, but I will make them reconsider the position,"

"I have no interest on knowing it. It would not be a waste of time if you tell us what you know about it right now,"

"To be frank, you are well aware that there were armored people in your country back then, isn't it?" They sat on chairs surrounding a table placed at the middle of the room.

"Yes, but so far we are unable to discern their motives other than provoking Wogrit and Ceroif into waging wars,"

"I can tell you that so far, other than the journalist who are involved in the assassination attempt, everyone else are Wogrit and Ceroif citizens,"

"What? The federalists are already in Wogrit?"

"They are in this country since the secession of Wogrit from Lyhorf. Unfortunately, unlike the royalists, they are not identifiable. Their jobs are more or less sending publicly known news to Lyhorf officals, though,"

"This is something that we cannot prevent, but back when Wogrit was a new country information was blocked from reaching Lyhorf so this is understandable,"

"The armors were made in the factory. When I was checking the person who made the order, I found out that the order was made by various retired officials who once held high ranks in the federation. One of them was Girejo Kisias, father of the current chairman,"

"This is really insane...he did said that he will attempt to restore the old federation and treated as a he really did it,"

"Apparently the chairman himself does not know about it. Then again, he lived far away fom his dad and they are known to never contact each other so him not knowing his dad's involvement is somewhat understandable,"

"By the way, what do you think the federalists are going to do next?"

"I was attacked by people in black formal wear and masks,"

"That can be only the Ervilant Mobs, a gangster organization who suddenly took control over the Fridain Kingdom south of Wogrit and turned it into Ervilant Territory over a very carefully planned genocide several years ago. Rumors said that they received money from people who lived in Lyhorf,"

"But as far as I know the mobs would not operate outside of the territory as it is a micronation as large as this capital,"

"They will do anything if that means sustaining their kingdom, though. I heard that they provide bodyguard services for people lately,"

"Do you have the relevant documents?"

"Yes. There are all here," Quanvor took out a flash drive to Fyerive.

"To prevent problems, I will examine the contents myself," Fyerive handed the flash drive to Maglain.

"I understand. By the way, beware of the possibility of another series of attacks. It appeared that the federalists are now fed up with the lack of progress,"

"I'll be leaving now. Thank you for allowing me to leaking this information. Be sure to get some popcorns ready for tomorrow," Quanvor winked at them while standing up.

"I can sent you directly back to the factory. Your workers must be worried about your suddenly disappearance,"

"Thank you for you offer," A black swirl appeared on the ground he was standing for a few seconds before he disappeared. At the meantime,

"So, how is the job has gone?"

"All of the people sent were died due to counterattacks by the people who are escorting them,"

"This is a very serious matter. I'll confront the federalists about this," Next, a person wearing white armor suddenly charged to them.

"You have failed us, you know. That means you will not get the extra payments,"

"I understand, but for now, we will be unable to send more people for your missions. We are in a severe shortage of personnel lately,"

"I see," At the meantime,

"So, you are here, huh?" People in white formal wear suddenly pinned Quanvor down onto a desk in front of him. "Where is your boss?" He maintained his silence despite the yelling by several others in the same clothes.

"You are not going to answer, huh? Bring him away!" One of them yelled and he was dragged out from the room. At the meantime,

"What do you think about how things will unravel next?" Maglain asked her.

"It's very hard to say. Thanks to legal differences, if citizens of Lyhorf enters Wogrit, we can never entertain demands of handing them over unless in special cases like this where there are requests for special escort,"

"Then why you don't offer political refuge to him?"

"That will cause more sanction by Lyhorf Federation. We cannot afford to lose foreign direct investments from them. Then again, local businesses might be happy about it, though,"

"Whatever it is, I received reports that Zadras is now in Ceroif,"

"There could be only one explanation...." The trouble continues....

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