Saturday, 31 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 26=Crisis Final Stage Part Three

"So, may I know what is your plan to sanction them? They can come up with counter sanctions as well," Furlan asked Fyerive.

"The problem is a caretaking leader cannot do that since that it requires legislative methods,"

"In Wogrit, this is true. However, in Lyhorf, this is a strictly executive matter and can be done anytime without legislative restrictions,"


"If you really want to force the federalists to cut their crap, you better announce joint projects which does not involve Lyhorf. Any future government would certainly be interested to join. Then they can agree in exchange of abandoning any ideas of restoring the old federation,"

"That sounds a hell lot effective. Anyway, there will be people out for my head sooner or later,"

"You will get special escorts for that later on. For now, you should go to our guest room while I arrange things,"

"Then, if you'll excuse me," Furlan and Iallie exited the room while Maglain walked inside.

"Seriously, what is he doing here?"

"His father was murdered...."

"That is a lie. He is now under political refuge in Ceroif,"

"Then I know what the fuck is going on here. There is a serious infighting between the members of the federalists and those who are opposed to the invasion attempt decided to please their opponents with some very realistic fake acts and flee away to warn other countries. Let's just say that things has turned interesting enough that we get the only chance crush that arrogance of Lyhorf government once and for all," A day earlier,

"What do you mean by this? After kidnapping me you locked me inside another room and what I heard was sounds of me screaming?" Girejo was tied with a thick rope and saw several people in purple armor removing their helmets.

"We have to act something so that people who are opposing us do not target us when we flee to other countries. You better escape to Ceroif and seek political refuge," His rope was untied.

"I see. So you are on my side with that kind of acting. Where you are going then?"

"We'll split up and flee to Ervilant and Nadlas. If we survive, we will meet again,"

"Thank you for believing in me,"

"See ya," Everyone was disappeared. After an hour,

"A federalist...what is a federalist is doing here?" Several people in golden cloaks dashed towards a man wearing a black armor and surrounded him. "What are you doing here?"

"I request audience with your dictator. I have to warn himself regarding something very dire,"

"For a federalist to do so...bring him to the security office first," A person in golden cloak whispered to another.

"We have to examine that claim seriously so you need to follow us for a bit,"

"I understand," After 10 minutes, inside an white painted interrogation room with a white round table,

"Tell me everything you got. My father do not wish to see anyone as of now, but I will relay your message to him later on," Haverit was sitting opposite to the man.

"To be frank, I can never return to my homeland. After knowing several plans to destroy Wogrit and Ceroif in an all out war with several conspirators in the military, a few decided to do some acts to fool them into believing that there are no opposition in these plans and leave the country to warn the leaders instead of spying on the countries as they expected.

"I see. We have plans to counter them when that happens, but at least this election would put their plans into a halt as soldiers in Lyhorf are required to serve during elections as guards thanks to terrorist attacks during nomination, election and result calculation processes,"

"Indeed. If the current opposition wins, they will not attempt this. But the federalists have formed a legitimate party and it has announced it will enter the election to seize power for themselves,"

"They must not get even one seat in the legislative house,"


"One seat means that they have center of influence to spread their beliefs and agenda. With their abilities, they can amass a lot of followers which can at least turn Ceroif a micronation smaller than Ervilant,"

"I know that. That's why I am going to see your father. Anyway, you won't ask me who am I, do you?"

"I already know who you are. You are the father to the resigned chairman, who was also a chairman who passed the position to him. For a former leader to end up with this fate...I'll work on providing political refuge on you,"

"Thank you very much,"

"Take this key and a person in rainbow colored cloak would lead you to your temporary accommodation," Haverit put a rainbow colored key on the table. After 5 minutes,

"What? The federalists are attempting to reclaim this land? This must be a bad karma hitting on us...."

"No. Even some of them disagreed and decided to flee to other countries,"

"I see. I'll contact Fyerive and see what can we do," Back at Maglain and Fyerive,

"Should we contact Nadlas and Ervilant about how things happen here?" Fyerive asked Maglain.

"As far as I know, Dergias has contacted the leaders by himself. We might get contacts from them soon and I already asked our communications officer to redirect calls from them right to you,"

"If that is the case, call the officers working on the collaboration program to speed up. We might need to start the collaboration program tomorrow. With the caretaking duties being taken over, the nominations could be brought forward to an earlier date,"

"I understand. Take care, my dear,"

"Stop calling me that outside of our room!" At the meantime,

"What is happening? Why there are less people here?"

"This is bad news, my leader! A lot of our allies have gone to other countries!"

"What? Where do you get this?"

"I got this from our allies,"

"I see. So we have traitors. Just leave them for now. We have to focus on the thrashing plans for the nomination day, but call our foreign allies to kill them on sight," The danger is escalating even more....

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