Monday, 12 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 8=Before The Target

Just when the journalists teleported themselves away,

“What the fuck do you mean by this?” Maglain shouted over a cellphone.

“We are currently at Orvilais,”


“This was under her own request and we were in no way able to refuse her,”

“Tell her to answer this phone right now!”

“Okay,” After a minute,

“Hey, sorry for making such a decision, but as the honorary leader of the peacekeeping officers, I have to stand at the absolute frontlines. Also, I have sent a few spies to watch out for anyone who may attempt to attack people who are going to hand over the evidence,”

“As you wish, president, but if you die in the battlefield I will not attend your funeral, ever,”

“Is that a threat as a vice president or a threat as my boyfriend? If it is the latter, you better apologize or I’ll leak our relationship to the public,”

“It’s a threat as a vice president, period. As a vice-president, I strongly condemn your way of doing things. Attempt to publicly declare desire of remilitarization is one thing, trying to show off while being unable to fight in a war is another!”

“What you would say as my boyfriend, then?”

“Please be safe. I am still waiting for your pleasant surprise from you. After all, I believe in what you are doing. You never ceased to amaze our people with your crazy political decisions,”

“Yeah. Refusing the play along with the ridiculous world politics and still manage to give a middle finger to the entire planet is a feat, you know,”

“Anyway, be careful. I have reports that there will be attacks on you,”

“There’s one already and I expect more to come. I’ll be safe, so please be safe too,”

“I understand. Goodbye,” The two ended the call. His bodyguard suddenly rushed to him. “So, how’s the battle, huh? I think that you could not arrest that fella,”

“How do you know that?”

“I have already read some news report about people who suddenly disappeared when their clothing were destroyed and no one could recognize who they actually are,”

“I see. Anyway, what should we do next? Should we leave this crisis to the president?”

“This perhaps is the only way. We better focus on the remilitarization plan. That’s is the best way to support her,”

“It appeared that you have faith that she can deal with this own her own,”

“Of course,” At the meantime, after 2 hours,

“This is it. The...!” Just when they saw a wooden gate in front of them,

“Whoa, this is crazy!” A black beam was fired from the sky. The two quickly strafed away from each other while looking at a gray armor falling down onto the ground.

“Do you know what you are thinking? Anyway, you will not hand over the disc over to them,” The armored knight took out a pair of handguns with green painted extended magazines.

“A gun duel? Go ahead. Stay back, Haverit. This is a battle between a pair of handguns,” Viqios took out a pair of identical handguns.

“As you wish. By the way, I’ll go ahead. Catch up with me later, okay?” Haverit dashed into the village.

“If you are that confident...then let’s see if you can keep up with me! Spell! Autoshot spree!” The armor’s handguns were fired at him despite the triggers were not pulled. Bullets and laser shots were fired at him, but he strafed to his right continuously.

“That damned speed...these bullets barely avoided my clothes....spell! Mach boost!” He suddenly strafed faster, but it suddenly turned around and fired a few bullets forward.

“Your movements are fast, but that is still predictable...!” The bullets hit into his guns as he charged towards it. “Damn! This guy is insane!” The ramming made it fell onto the ground, but just when he pointed his handguns at it, the shockwaves from the fall stunned him while the handguns were shattered.

“You can do nothing with the guns broken, but I can while I am stunned. Spell! Variable shockwave!” Shockwaves emitted from his feet made the armor crack and it disappeared. At the meantime,

“The armored warriors are unable to deal with them? This is really insane. Anyway, retreat for now and focus on gangbanging that dictator’s son and his doctor. If they managed to hand over the video, this plan will be a failure,”

“Are you sure of this?”

“Than damned dictator has said that he will not protect his son anyway. He will soon regret that decision,”

“Oh? Should we sent some of our high ranked people there? He is too tough to be defeated the usual way,”

“Sure. That will teach him a lesson,” Back at Haverit,

“Welcome to Hervias village!” A guard in blue uniform suddenly came close to him just when he  was standing in front of the village’s gate and he was suddenly fainted. “Even a badass man fall into the dizzying smell of mine. He he he he he....” The two was disappeared. After an hour,

“Seriously, do he really intend to go up there on himself? I can’t let this happen,” Viqios wandered around the village and found no one. “I must catch up with him,” He dashed out from the village northward. At the meantime,

“Hey, so you got that dude, huh?”

“Yes. Let’s...!” Some rattling and gunshot sounds were heard and a few thugs suddenly dashed out from a house, only to be tackled by a few officers in white uniform who were standing outside of a few wooden houses.

“Search these houses!” Fyerive yelled and a few officers dashed inside. After a few minutes,

“He was tied in a hanging position, but he is currently fine,” The officers walked out from the houses along with Haverit.

“Even you could get trapped. Seriously, I don’t get what the hell is wrong with you,”

“He just suddenly approached me with a suffocating smell and I passed out immediately,”

“Anyway, I have received reports that your friend is going to the northern border alone. Please be quick. There is not much time left,” This is not a good thing....

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