Sunday, 4 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 3=Rising Trouble

After five days, they left the desert and entered another forest.

“This place is unusually quiet. Oh, by the way, I’m Viqios Kalre, an inventor. I am relatively unknown outside of academic circles, though,”

“Spell! Visible shock!” Haverit suddenly stabbed the ground using his Xiovias and shockwaves were seen in visible ripples spreading out from the spot the weapon was stabbed. A few people in bronze cloaks were seen surrounding them.

“Crystal guard!” Fyerive and Viqios yelled together and they were sealed separately in different octahedral rubies. The shockwaves emitted from them made them unable to move. Their hands were turned gray.

“Spell! Axe force!” Haverit stabbed them at their bodies while his Xiovias’s tip emitted an axe shaped glow and they were split into two halves horizontally. “Spell! Hammer force!” The bodies were crushed into tiny rock pieces when the glow was changed into a hammer shape while he slammed it onto the split bodies.

“This is the power of wonder Ceroif can win the Independence War....” Viqios mumbled to himself, but Haverit still heard it.

“This weapon was mass produced during the war, but most of them were destroyed after it. Currently, there are four known copies remaining. One is the one you see, one is in the possession of my father, one is in display in Ceroif War Memorial Museum and one is in display in Wogrit Armory Museum,”

“Let’s get moving before more of these people show up,” Fyerive walked away from them and the two quickly chased her. Sounds of gun firing were heard and they quickly dashed along a narrow path between the trees.

“Don’t let them escape! Snipers, fire!” Smokes suddenly surrounded them as they ran. “Curses...retreat for now!”

“Where are the attackers and the president? Return for now,” After 5 minutes,

“This is close. If those snipers caught on upon us....” Viqios was panting with his breath seen as smokes.

“But I also heard sounds of some officers. It appeared that we will meet them soon after we crossed this forest. Perhaps it’s time for me to stay back in my presidential residence and let the officers to deal with this matter, but my hunch says that this is just part of another big plan by someone else. If this is true, it might escalate into a real war,”

“Maybe, but with my father’s way of things, this country will not be invaded for another 15 days. If I can present sufficient evidence to dad myself about this is a hijacking done by someone....”

“That evidence will be available once I personally access my very own database at Kufrio city. There are several backup spots scattered there so it will take time for people to destroy all of them,” At the meantime, inside an abandoned warehouse,

“Argh!” A man was screaming upon slain by a man wearing golden cloak. Suddenly, the ground was exploded, throwing the person away. The smoke was soon cleared and a woman wearing a green T-shirt and shorts was seen standing in front of a computer protected in a green barrier.

“Damn...I was too late. Even the peacekeeping personnel could not defeat the Dictatorial Guards. At least the barrier is still in good condition. Spell! Barrier repair!” She took out a ruby stainless steel wand and touched it onto the barrier, turning it blue. Next, the man in golden cloak stood up and took out a black painted pine wood staff.

“Spell! Raining sharp heads!” Arrows rained down from the roof.

“Spell! Rising gush!” She knocked her wand onto the ground and a layer of white smokes suddenly rose up from the ground and sent the man in golden cloak and the arrows upwards until the arrows stopped raining down. The smoke then disappeared and everything fell down onto the ground.

“This? I am not done with that. Spell! Hirj!” The arrows suddenly rose up from the ground and launched towards the barrier. The barrier turned green, yellow and red in a few seconds. “This was not enough? Spell! Piercing thunder!” A thunder spark pierced through the barrier and the computer. The barrier was broken, but the computer was emitting green glow.

“I will not let you destroy this computer! Spell! Divine barrier!” A white hemispherical barrier surrounded the computer. “Spell! Wind sealing bomb!” Winds suddenly surrounded him, forming a sphere before exploding. The cloak was ripped and burnt into pieces while the person was missing. “I must guard this place before someone come to replace me,” Back to the trio, after another five days of travelling along the forest,

“Miss president!” An officer yelled and rushed towards her.
“Damn...we have attracted our enemies!” A laser beam was fired at a grenade thrown towards them behind a building from Haverit’s Xiovias.

“Crap. That damned traitor,” A person in white cloak walked away, only to be apprehended by a few police officers. At the meantime,

“What? They arrived at Arzios city? This is bad. If the remote content gets accessed by the dictator....” Back at them,

“That was close. By the way, we need your help in our investigation in an assault incident involving you. I know this is a big hassle, but you know we are just doing what we are appointed to do,” After 10 minutes, inside Arzios city police station’s interrogation rooms,

“After a few people in gold cloaks assaulted me, Haverit suddenly saved me by teleporting me to Winceiy forest and I have decided to hire him as a bodyguard to escort me back to the capital,”

“I was visiting the national broadcast channel as a guest, but when I heard some unusual noise, I saved her, but my teleportations gone awry and we were teleported to a forest instead,”

“I was making regular inspection on my anti-hijacking system and found some irregular signals, so I decided to go and collect the information myself, but I was immediately attacked by people whom I can’t recognize and ran away,”

“Hey, it appeared that they do not lie. We better contact our colleagues in Kufrio. I wondered how things went over there,” This is not going to be good....

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