Monday, 12 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 10=Resolution, Danger & Traitors

After 15 minutes when Viqios reentered Fideas town,

“I heard that the Ceroif’s armed forces have retreated. Do you managed to give the disc?” Haverit asked Viqios.

“Of course. In fact, he is very pleased about it. I guess this is a happy ending. I’ll be returning by teleportation. After all these land moving I am quite tired,”

“That makes sense. Anyway, I have to return to my homeland as well. Hopefully I can see you soon. Please send my regards to your president that I will be fine at the capital,”

“You...goodbye,” Viqios teleported himself away.

“Goodbye too,” Haverit was disappeared as well. At the meantime,

“Before I move on to my next agenda, I would want to proceed with the final verdict,”

“Well, as we, the Dictatorial Subordinates, have satisfied with the findings of this insulting incident, decided that the president of Wogrit is clear of lese-majeste charges,”

“Please proceed with the general vote,” Dergias was standing at the center of a coliseum shaped room. 30 people were sitting around a circular bench facing 450 people in purple cloaks. Everyone in the purple cloaks raised their hands.

“It’s a clean yes vote,”

“So, this part of the final verdict is passed. Now, for the next part, I shall open up a live press conference immediately after this Dictatorial meeting ends to apologize for our country’s actions during our investigation of this incident,”

“Please proceed with the general vote,” No hands were put down.

“It’s another clean yes vote,”

“This part of the final verdict is passed as well. For the final part, this country shall pay 0.2% of our current yearly GDP to government of Wogrit as compensation,”

“Please proceed with the final verdict,” No hands were put down once more.

“As the final part of the final verdict is passed, I shall announce that the final verdict will commence immediately. Communications Subordinate, I command you to inform as much as media centers as possible while preparing for the live press conference,”

“As commanded, my dictator.”

“If this coliseum shall excuse me,” They put their hands down. “Thank you,” A man in green formal wear disappeared, but suddenly a person in green cloak appeared at the spot the man was.

“Intruder?” Two woman grabbed the person and slammed the person down onto the ground. “Guards, arrest them!” A few guards came in, sealed the person in a fluorescent barrier and took the person away.

“Seriously, this is the first time an intruder in this coliseum for years. Suddenly, a man in white uniform suddenly dived down from the ceiling, only to be turned into dusts when Dergias took out a titanium ruby wand and the person was surrounded in flames. The flames were put out just before reaching him.

“This? I am surprised, but it appeared that some royalists decided to turn against me. These rotten next agenda shall be the full repeal of this country’s leste majeste!”

“This is insane!”

“What is he thinking?”

“This is our dictator,”

“Great. I like this,”

“Please proceed to the general vote,” There were raised hands around.

“This is a split vote. So, we will vote by ourselves,” The people near the center raised their hands.

“16 yes, 13 no. This resolution is passed and this law shall be repealed effective immediately. Now, is there anyone wished to bring up their agendas?” The entire coliseum was silent for a minute. “If this is the case, this meeting shall be brought to our next session as usual,” After 20 minutes,

“So, are the journalists ready for everything?” Dergias asked a few people standing beside him.

“Yes. They are in standby now,” They bent down and whispered to him.

“Then, I’ll start,”

“Yes, my dictator,”

“In our meeting which was ended earlier, we have voted in support of repealing our lese-majeste effective immediately. Also, I would like to offer a sincere apology to Wogrit and its citizens for causing major trouble during our investigation of the case of the president slinging personal insults on me, which is found to be a work of hijacking. As such, she is cleared of all charges and Wogrit shall be paid money equivalent to 2000 tonnes of gold as compensation,”

“Do you know who is responsible in the hijacking?”

“We will not comment on this matter as this is purely Wogrit’s internal matter. If you wish to know the answer, it is of our mutual interest that you refer to Wogrit’s officials,”

“We have received reports that there were royalists who attacked the coliseum,”

“I do not deny that the fact has happened, but at this point we are unable to discern if they are actually royalists or someone else with their own agenda,”

“At the same time, will you call your son back from his unofficial visit?”

“It is an unofficial visit, which means I have no right to call him back. He will come back to me whenever he feels too,”

“By the way, what is your comment on the attempted invasion on the northern borders by armored people,”

“Thanks to their tendency to teleport away when things get back, we are currently unable to get information about them. However, I have sent Administrative Guards to enhance security in the affected areas,” At the meantime, at Wogrit,

“Miss president, what is your reaction towards the personal apology and the compensation offered by the dictator?”

“At this point, what he had did to our country has caused damages which cannot be paid using money alone. If he wishes to apologize, then he should come on his own to this place,”

“We have received reports that the number of royalists operating in this country has been decreasing in the past,”

“This is a good thing, but whether this is good for Ceroif is something that is better left for its citizens to speak of as we do suspect that they are shifting their activities into the country. I am very well aware that the assassination attempt at the dictator is possibly linked to this phenomenon,” At the meantime,

“You and your father are traitors of the country!” The danger is escalating....

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