Saturday, 31 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 21=Armor Trouble Part Six

Back at Zadras,
"Please continue with your speech. This place should be safe at least for some time," Dergas said to Zadras.

"I understand. One of the them is the current chairman's father,"

"This is a very serious matter!" The crowd burst into murmurs.

"Is the son know of this?"

"He can't know about that since that he never contacted his father since he became the chairman. However, if you pass an agenda to leak this information, he could have his credibility as leader broke and the opposition who prefers to not reclaim the old federation could gain political power. With that, the problems could be solved," Zadras resumed speaking.

"No. The federalists could be pissed off and attempt to assassinate them by deploying local people and incite a war which could gone even worse,"

"At least that could easy up burdens to our country,"

"Indeed. After all, if I am executed, Lahanas Weapons Manufacturing will be shut down and no one's going to produce local models to their military. I have mentioned this to the defense administrator about this, but perhaps for the sake of appeasing the federalists, they might throw us into prison. I have made preparations about this and when that happens...there will be some popcorns for everyone to eat,"

"You intend to sabotage all factories?"

"Yes, but of course the ones in Wogrit and Ceroif will not be affected. Anyway, my dictator, you better tell the president about this and you two could cooperate and solve this issue once and for all,"

"I will do so once you are done with your revelation,"

"Now, before I continue, do you know who are the people in black formal wear and masks?"

"I know them. They are the Ervilant Mobs, a gangster organization who is in rule of the micronation of Ervilant Territory," Dergias said.

"No wonder they came one by one. I heard rumors that they are hired by the federalists to kill me,"

"Their population is declining, though. Most people has migrated away to other countries, perhaps to avoid issues with sanctions imposed by most countries including us,"

"By the way, these are the necessary files that I decided to leak for you. A copy of that should be in the hands of the Wogrit president," Zadras tossed a flash drive to Dergias.

"Thank you. Is there anything else before I send you back straight to your factory?"

"Be quick with the cooperation with Wogrit. The federalists might attempt to ruin in,"

"Thank you," A black swirl appeared beneath Zadras for a few secods before he disappeared.

"Then, my I leave for my own duties?" Caelioe knelt to Dergias while he reentered the center.

"Yes," She was disappeared.

"Now, I would like the coliseum to pass several agendas," At the meantime,

"Your partner is already being caught into prison, asshole," A few officers in white formal wear pinned Zadras down onto the same desk upon appearing in the same room Quanvor was in earlier.

"How dare you cross through the lands of evil?" Quanvor remained silent. "Now bring him go and toss him into the same cell as his assistant!" The next day, somewhere at Ervilant Territory,

"Are you sure of this, boss?"

"Well, let's see if we can save some face by doing this. Those federalists who sent our people to death must be punished. Also, at the same time, make sure that our agents in Lyhorf stay put until further orders,"

"As instructed, boss,"

"This could be a good chance for us to score some sanction repeals," At the meantime, at Fideas town,

"Well, let's start this live telecast negotiation, shall we?" Dergias asked Fyerive. They were sitting opposite of each other with several officers on a rectangular table place on a stage inside the town hall.

"But before that, why there is a citizen of Ervilant Territory acting as a moderator here?"

"That is the suggestion of Haverit because he could not get people from Lyhorf to moderate this meeting and she's the best around this reigon. If you are worried with the risk of corruption, the payment is made solely using his own money and here is the receipt issued by them. After all, this was too sudden," Dergias put a piece of green paper on the table which read "Ervilant Territory Service Receipt".

"If we plan this in advance, there is a big possibility the federalists will attack us. I know what you are thinking. Then again, actually we have already completed the necessary documents, isn't it?"


"If there is nothing else, can we start? Anyway, my name is Artrone Kelgroij, chief negotiating officer of Ervilant Territory. In the event of interruption, this officer, Largian Ircias, an express diplomat from Nadlas shall take over,"

"I need to express that there are rumors floating around in Nadlas that federalists will attack you very soon," Suddenly, sounds of people screaming were heard.

"Take over, Largian. This must be an attack on us," She dashed out from the hall along with Haverit and saw police firing their handguns on a line of people in white cloaks and F-1 uniform armed with riot shields. The shots were reflected back at the policemen.

"Spell! Concrete seal!" The people were sealed under a block of concrete, but it was instantly shattered into pieces while they continued marching while the policemen switched to shotguns. The riot shields were cracking little by little.

"Spell! Shrapnel explosion!" Metal balls were dropped from the sky and they split into metal pellets which exploded upon hitting the people. The explosion turned part of the road they were alking on red with remains of the people visible. Several bystanders quickly dashed away from the road. Back in the hall,

"So we agreeing that there will be no travelling restrictions for our citizens aside from the usual passport, isn't...!" Largian quickly turned around while brandishing his rapier and a body in an armor had the head cut off before falling off the stage. "Should we continue this nogotiation?"

"Go ahead. I know that they will not continue with this. After all, those Lyhorf federalists might incur the wrath of your country which is just south of that and us," Fyerive sighed. This is not getting better soon....

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