Saturday, 31 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 24=Crisis Final Stage Part One

The next morning,
"What? My father is now getting imprisoned?"

"Yes. A police report was made where several people witnessed a few people wearing black armor were dragging your father away from a birck house,"

"I was warned by the opposition on how they can be dangerous...this is the biggest mistake that I've ever made during my rule as a chairman...."

"So, what should we do?"

"Let the police deal with this. At the meantime, I have my own plans, but be sure to continue with the public execution,"

"As instructed, mister chairman," After 2 hours,

"I, Furlan Kisias, the chairman of Lyhorf federation, shall cancel the emergency order number 507. As such, today shall be the day this legislative house dissolved and election shall start as instructed by the election committee!" He slammed a desk using a wooden hammer.

"How bold,"

"I guess that the federalists get into his bad side by kidnapping his father. What a moron,"

"Anyway, I think he is ready to let go of his duties, but thanks to how the election works, he could be still a domain leader by the way of domain local elections,"

"I see. But it would be perfect if he stop the public execution. If Nadlas stop that, though...we got some real show for everyone to see," At the meantime, inside a jail cell,

"I wondered what will happen if they know that the bombs will blow up if we are executed and any defusing would blow them up anyway?" Quanvor told Zadras.

"But I heard that the bomb maker was summoned to defuse an exact copy of the bomb now,"

"Damn...looks like we are unable to force them to let us live, huh?"

"Now get up and follow us!" A few people in green shirts and trousers pinned them onto the ground, handcuffed their wrists and shackled their ankles. At the meantime,

"So, shall we go now? This will be the only chance to save them," Haverit said to a woman wearing black F-1 uniform.

"Sure, but shouldn't that we wait for the signals from the opposite side? By the way, nice to meet you. 
I'm Redolie Phisaq, special operations oficer of Wogrit,"

"I'm Haverit Balfeir, miscellaneous assistant of The Dictator," A white spark was suddenly seen from the opposite side of Silgrai river.

"Let's go. Be sure that your water stepping boots are in good condition,"

"That is my line. Anyway, joint operation, 'Operation Silgrai' starts!" The two dashed across the rive to the opposite side and dashing on it. Suddenly, several gunshots were heard and a few ripples were seen on the river.

"It appeared that we have been exposed. It must be that live footage of the incident. Anyway, ignore the shooters and dash at regular speed!" Haverit told Redolie.

"As instructed, sir!" The two dashed along the river and dodged the shots fired at them. Suddenly,

"Spell! Rising spark!" An electric spark suddenly struck up from the ground and a man wearing white shirt and trousers collapsed onto the ground.

"That was close. But there could be more. I must find them," Cephiane was looking at the man. At the meantime,

"This is insane! How could our shooter gets exposed?"

"I bet that they anticipated the assault on them and decided to send reinforcements to ensure that their operations will not be interrupted,"

"What? I that is the case, send more shooters! They must not reach the riverbank!" At the meantime,

"Sir, our live signal detectors showed that there are additional enemy reinforcements appearing from the opposite side!"

"Then teach them a good lesson. With just this, an Ervilant mob is enough. Am I right, Artrone?"

"Ha, of course. I will not let this operation a failure. It's time to teach them a lesson that they will never forget. We can't let their plans of joint sanctions against Lyhorf get hampered," Artrone took out a pine wood staff. "Spell! Point thunder!" Thunder sparks were striking down from the sky.

"Sir, all the opposing life signals at the opposite bank disappeared!"

"Good job. Now we just have to wait for our reinforcements to come," After 20 minutes,

"They are still not here yet. What is exactly happening," At the meantime, at the Rozandras river bank,

"They are certainly late with the prisoners. What was going on?"

"We were told that the escort vehicle was stuck in the forest as the result of several tyres getting punctured by sharp wooden vines. They should be arrive anytime soon after the teleportation process is done," After 5 minutes,

"What? They were attacked by Nadlas officers and the prisoners were escaped?"

"Yes. I believe that their reinforcements are at the opposite sides of your place. The chairman's final orders before the dissolving the legislative house is to kill anyone who attempted to rescue the prisoners!"

"Everyone, the prisoners have escaped and is believed to be at the opposite side. We'll be crossing into Nadlas, but for the dignity of this federation, storm that place and kill anyone who is not us!"

"Yeah!" Back at Largian and Artrone,

"This is an emergency! Additional enemy reinforcements were spotted directly in front of us! They are estimated to be 2000 people!"

"Spell! Aqua genocide!" A large tidal wave washed people in T-shirts and trousers back to the riverbank.

"The prisoners are safe with us at the Imperial Center. Call everyone to retreat,"

"Yes, my Imperior," At the meantime,

"It appeared that Nadlas has political refuge forced upon to Quanvor and Zadras as several secret police of them managed to rescue the prisoners while they were escorted to the execution site. Let's meet with everyone at the Imperial Center for now," After 10 minutes,

"Explain this, my Imperior! You have assured to us that you will not personally interfere with this mission!"

"Our spies sent to the execution site told us that there were 2000 people at the site instead of 50 we have speculated earlier and they are all federation servants. With that, we are forced to use our special police and rescue them while they are still in the forest,"

"I understand, my Imperior...." The crisis is not over yet....

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