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Xiovias-Chapter 30=Crisis Final Stage Part Seventh

"In exchange, we will suspend all sanctions imposed upon Lyhorf federation until the day the election results are announced. Talks to repeal sanctions shall be done between us and the new government," The four leaders said together.

"Deal, but as of now, I need them right now because we have to brief them about what they should do during the nomination day,"

"I can send them, but you have to pay the usual prices,"

"As expected from the Boss of Ervilant. Am I right, Sirph Soletia?"

"So you do know who I am,"

"Then, there's the Imperior of Nadlas, Kathraon Impralij,"

"For knowing my name, I'll send my recruits to you. They are certainly not the best around, but they are more than enough to one shot those armored people. I'll prepare the list for you, Ertier Ertinac. By the way, what's your plan regarding the nomination process? You can't use the soldiers or you'll risk being criticized of millitary interference," Kathraon said.

"Indeed, but so far the citizens seemed to be enthusiastic to help along. Perhaps this is a good sign that the citizens cared about this election more than the previous ones," Ertier said.

"Then you might want to set up voluntary citizen security force," Dergias added.

"That's a good idea. I'll execute this idea soon," Ertier said.

"The personnel you needed will be in your country 2 hours from now. Is that fine with you?" Sirph asked.

"That's completely fine with me. In fact, we have to draft the complete security plans quickly too so the arrival of your officers would be a nusciance if they arrive to early," Ertier said.

"Then drop us a call to tell me when you are done," Sirph said.

"I will," The communication was ended.

"So, we should split up and work on what we have agreed upon, right?" Fyerive asked.

"Of course!" Everyone else yelled. The next morning at a nomination center,

"It's not the time yet, isn't it?" Redolie asked Haverit while setting up canopies with election officers.

"Indeed. Seriously, why the leaders are sending people like us to this place? It's not like this mission is that important," Haverit replied.

"That's because what we do today can be good diplomatic tools when there are disputes between the new federation. Plus, we won't know how strong the federalists will be. Judging from the number of security officers, I don't think the federalists would be able to kill any nominees,"

"Hopefully this is really the case," After 30 minutes,

"Security officers, take your positions!" A woman in yellow formal wear yelled. No one was coming for 2 hours. At the meantime, at the rooftop of a tall building east to the nomination center,

"No one's coming. Is it possible that they do not come because of our threats?"

"Keep your focus, dude. We won't know if anyone comes to nominate a name for the election. No one has announced their nomination, something that never happened before," Then, a man wearing black formal wear appeared with two bodyguards in blue formal wear.

"Shot...!" Thunder sparks were suddenly seen striking down onto the building.

"So what I have suspected is true. Those people...just because you are not wearing armors does not mean that you cannot be detected," Cephiane sighed, but suddenly a person in black armor charged towards her. "Like I will allow you to backstab me!" She strafed to her right, slashed through the armor and kicked the person crashing onto the wall. At the meantime,

"What? All attacks on the nomination centers have failed with no one surviving?"

"Then we just have to go all out this time," After 15 minutes,

"Die!" A person in white armor suddenly appeared and fired a laser beam to a woman inside a booth, only to be blocked by an invisible barrier. Several people who saw the person charged towards said person but a sword stab onto the ground emitted shockwaves and they were collapsed.

"You are the one who should die instead!" Haverit appeared in front of the person.

"Now I know why the attacks on the nomination centers have failed. It's all because of you filthy foreigners! I, Harfiav Klaqod, the chief of Lyhorf Old Federation Restoration Alliance, shall end your life here and crash this election!"

"So you really wanted to kill me, huh? Then show me you have the proof of it! Spell! Grave stone storm!" Grave stones suddenly dropped onto Harfiav repeatedly, but he dashed forward towards Haverit. Upon reaching close, he stretched out his arms, but Haverit crouched and stabbed through him. "Spell! Electric shock!" Current was flowing from the Xiovias to him, electrocuting him instantly. 

"Evil never pays, so does attempting to forcibly restore the old federation," The next morning,

"I, Irkadlain Werzind, shall no longer repeat the mistakes that our former government has done. Secession of teritorries are natural and will happen if  a government of a country does not manage it well. The federalism with the goal of restoring the old federation is something that should not be part of anyone's mind. I will do my best to repair to broken bonds with the neighbouring countries so that this region can return to the good old days of mutual prosperity. As such, I shall sign this Chairman Elective and start my duty as the Chairman of Lyhorf Federation effective immediately," After 15 minutes,

"Chairman, you got a call from Dergias, the dictator of Ceroif,"

"Congratulations on winning the position,"

"That's nothing. But then again, I will erect a statue near to your borders to make sure that everyone remembers the day where we waged wars,"

"Sure," Dergias ended the call.

"Another call. This is the chairman speaking here,"

"Congratulations on winning the position," Fyerive said.

"Thank you. By the way, should we start the talks about the sanction repeals? The caretaking government has done as what you and other countries requested,"

"Oh? So you really want to talk about that this fast. Fine. I'll arrange a good time, date and place for it,"

"Hopefully the results of this talk will benefit everyone,"

"That is absolutely right. But everything is over now, isn't it?"

"No. This is just the beginning to restore peace in this region. Hopefully this goal will be achieved in short time," The crisis is finally over....

Xiovias-Chapter 29=Crisis Final Stage Part Six

The next morning, at Telrade river bank,
"So those people are it really good to continue this meeting?" A person in yellow cloak asked.

"Don't worry too much about that. We got former nation invading gangsters...!" A person in white robe said, but was quickly slapped by another person in black formal wear and mask.

"We used to be that, but we are now proper citizens!"

"That does not discount the fact that your preceedors were borderline legal gangsters who launched a sudden attack on a micronation to gain a territory as base to conduct gangsterism related activities,"

"That's undeniably true. In fact, we were once Nadlas citizens...."

"By the way, where are the people in F-1 uniforms? They sure be...!" People in black armors were suddenly seen charged through the river.

"Fire the cannons!" A person in F-1 uniforms yelled and cannonballs were launched over other people to the river. The cannonballs slammed several people in black armor down onto the ground, but the rest were still charging through.

"It's time for us to do the job. Rocket squad, fire!" People in black formal wear and mask fired rocket from the launchers mounted on their shoulders, but the surviving people in black armor were still charging through.

"We'll be on your assistance! Spell! Tidal wave!" The person in yellow cloak yelled while taking out an oak wood staff. A wave washed them backwards and they disappeared.

"So the invasion is repelled, huh? Let's continue with this. We are are not supposed to stop just because the enemies has stopped attacking," At the meantime,

"Damn...we are tricked into attacking decoys!"

"They changed the venue last minute and apparently knew that we are going to attack them...."

"We got a lot of traitors spreading our information,"

"They will pay for this, but before that, contact our allies overseas and determine possible positions!" At the meantime, inside Fideas town hall,

"I received reports that the attacks at the Telrade river bank has retreated," A person in black formal wear and mask whispered to another person in the same clothing.

"My subordinates has told me that my people managed to repeal attacks on the decoy meeting just now,"

"I do not consider this a good news at all. In fact, it signifies that there will be people surviving and attempt to attack us once our position is known to them. After all, this place was once used for the meeting on sanction repeals between us and Ceroif," Fyervive said.

"Indeed. In fact, this place is unusually heavy guarded at as speak. That is an obvious sign that we are here," Dergias said.

"At least with the current power of the federalists, they cannot penetrate this defense. But I do get wary of possible espionage. I was almost assassinated when poisonous food was served in front of me, but when I suffer from diarrhea and end up not eating anything I was saved," A person in red robe said.

"So this is the pathetic defense of this secret meeting on how to oppose my country, huh?" A woman wearing green formal wear appeared in front of them and the walls suddenly turned from white to black.

"Protect them! I'll kill this bastard myself," Haverit suddenly appeared and pointed his Xiovias at her. 

"You are so full with yourself, Sceriore Igneris! Why you are serving the federalists instead of fighting in gladiatorial matches?"

"That's because I want to see the new federation returns to its old glory!"

"That is impossible! Fragmentation of a large country is a natural process and any attempts to reverse it will bring more tragedy!"

"Then explain the independence war to me! That thing was started by your predecessors!"

"You must have been misinformed. The war broke out as the result of secession talks breaking down and both sides declared war against each other!"

"I do not believe you!" She took out a platinum rapier and dashed towards him.

"You can stick with your own beliefs, but to assault the leaders for opposing the unification? You are no different than any criminals!" Upon reaching close, she strafed to her right while swinging her rapier to her left, but he dashed back and forth.

"You can't defeat me this easily!" He attempted to stab her, but she suddenly swung her rapied downwards and the Xiovias was knocked downwards. "Take this!" He was punched and kicked at the stomach, sending him crashing onto a barrier in front of them. She dashed towards him while pointing her rapier to him.

"Get away from the barrier now!" A man in white cloak yelled. He strafed away from the barrier and it turned yellow while she was close to him, but she suddenly stopped and dashed backwards.

"This cheap trick is not going to kill me. Spell! Wind slash!" Her rapier was covered with winds while she dashed towards him, but upon reaching close he suddenly strafed in a circular motion and punched him onto the still yellow barrier.

"Argh!" She screamed just before electrocuted and collapsed onto the ground.

"This is what you get for messing with me!" The barrier was disappeared.

"Great job. So, what do you think?" Fyerive asked.

"We got a communication request from Lyhorf," A man in white robe suddenly told them.

"Connect to us immediately. I wondered what makes the country to contact us this way,"

"I'm very sorry to interrupt your meeting on martitime cooperation, but I have received information from our police that there is a high possibility that the federalists would attack the nomination process,"

"Then? Isn't that your country is completely sealed?"

"After an emergency meeting, we decided to unseal our country and repeal all sanctions upon all neighbouring countries immediately for exchange for hiring foreign security guards to protect them as attacks on our police stations throughout the country has cut off our policemen by half,"

"That is a very dire situation which can potentially harm us...." Dergias mumbled to himself.

"Deal. Of course, we will impose sanctions against you if the future governement reapply the sanctions on us,"

"That is no longer our concern. For the safety of this region, I hope that the nomination process will be a smooth process," The danger is almost a climax....

Xiovias-Chapter 28=Crisis Final Stage Part Five

At the meantime, at a tower in Evilant,
"This is it...the Ervilant Operations Tower...." A person in white armor saw a tall brick tower in front, only to be blocked by several people wearing black formal wear and masks.

"What is a federalist doing here? We at Ervilant Territory do not welcome any of you!"

"I do not come for causing trouble. I come here to relay what my former allies will do next. I come in peace,"

"Oh? But that place is not opened for guests. Please come with us to our intelligence center," After 20 minutes of walking,

"So, what kind of information do you wish to tell us. We'll keep your identity unknown so that you can safely return to your country," A person in black formal wear and mask was sitting opposite of the armored person inside a room filled with green mosaic tiles.

"Are you implying that Ervilant do not offer political refuge?"

"We are a micronation which cannot afford to have political refuge risking our territory's security,"

"It's not like I would stay here anyway. I have some protection job after I'm done here,"

"What do you mean by that?"

"There are plans to assassinate candidates from the opposition by the federalists. So far, they have abandoned plans to form a party as they would not make it to the current election,"

"What? If we could get hired somehow...."

"Anyway, there's also a very bad news to you,"

"What is it?"

"The federalists are gathering at Rozandras river bank as we speak and apparently they are attempting to attack your collaboration negotiation,"

"Don't worry about that. My boss can always propose to change places and do that the last minute,"

"I see. If there is nothing else, then may I return?"

"Indeed," After 20 minutes,

"Seriously...this is definitely a big threat to us. But I wondered what kind of fun we can make that day...." After 10 minutes,

"Miss Fyerive, the Imperior and the Boss wants to contact you,"

"Use the multi-line connection and request the Dictator to join. This must be a very dire matter to the extent that they contact me together,"

"I have received information from the defectors from Lyhorf federalists that the federalists are currently gathering at Rozandras river bank and attempting to attack the collaboration meeting," the Imperior said.

"As I expected. Let's do it at Fideas town hall of Wogrit. They won't be able to penetrate our bodyguards!" Dergias suddenly shouted.

"It appeared that you are confident in your Dictatorial Guards," the Boss giggled.

"I'll sending them for the guarding of this important event this time. Of course, for transparency purposes, I couldn't care less if Lyhorf citizens get a hold on what we are doing," Dergias said.

"Wait, so you suggest that we be upfront about we are actually joining forces to impose sanctions against them?" Fyerive's face turned pale.

"Hey, rumors are spreading in Lyhorf that we will impose some nasty sanctions against them. Let's shock them even further!"

"That is too risky. As fas as I concerned, sanctions can be imposed by caretaking government, especially when it gets too far. However, depending on the election results, there could be a chance for them to redeem themselves,"

"But how could you do spying work while that country is blocked off from any foreigners and foreign contacts to the point that local businesses are very vocal in expressing their displeasure at this point?" Fyerive asked.

"That is a secret which I will reveal tomorrow. After all, it is a country secret,"

"Perhaps the safety of the spies is a concern of yours...." the Imperior said.

"Of course. It's too much of a cost to train spies, you know,"

"I see. Anyway, I think we agree that we should change the location for our collaboration meeting to Fideas town hall, Wogrit, right?" Fyerive asked.

"Yes," The others answered together.

"However, I suggest that we have a decoy meeting at Telrade River Bank to fool the federalists," the Imperior suddenly said.

"Hey, that is deceiving the public!" the Boss suddenly shouted.

"I do not mean decoy in terms of copying the actual meeting. I mean making another meeting there between us, but with other people and agendas," the Imperior said.

"We don't have much to talk about sending several ministers to talk anything about the marine areas?" Fyerive asked.

"That's good. I'll be sending a few administrators for that," Dergias said.

"That will certainly piss them off. But I have plans for that, but I need to hire your mobs, Boss,"

"Stop calling me that. By the way, for this, the service is free. It is for the destiny of this region. I wondered if this is really necessary, though," the Boss raised the voice.

"What if they see nothing over there and decided to seek us? You have to take account that the federalists who are still active are the dangerous ones which are currently sitting ducks in Lyhorf, waiting for their lures to get into their range. If they do not see anyone tomorrow, they might seek other targets, which could be us. I won't let them succeed, though," the Imperior said.

"But you will get even more trouble if you are using the secret police. Footages of them in action rescuing Quanvor and Zadras was leaked to our side," Fyerive said.

"How?" The Imperior asked.

"Investigations are still being done to determine the origin of the footages, but it is said that it was leaked by the authorities when a camera installed into the APC recorded the acts," Fyerive said.

"Damn...I can't use actual soldiers...." The Imperior said.

"You could use police force, especially the ones dealing with riots or terrorism," The boss said.

"Thank you for your suggestion, but the actual details have to be discussed with our underlings," The Imperior said.

"I see. I guess that there will be nothing else, right?" Fyerive asked.

"Indeed," Everyone said together and the communication was ended. At the meantime,

"They will not live beyond tomorrow," This is getting dangerous....

Xiovias-Chapter 27=Crisis Final Stage Part Four

The next morning,
"Today, the election committee has agreed upon that the nomination will be delayed for another day to allow for more pre-nomination campagins and for potential candidates to prepare the necessary items. This shall be the only extension granted by the committee and any further requests for extension will not be entertained," Fyerive was listening to the radio.

"What a big mess. Anyway, he'll definitely call me," A phone placed on a table in front of her was ringing.

"So, should we delay the negotiation process?"

"Indeed. Try contacting them and see if they agree. By the way, you managed to rope a former chairman as a political refuge, isn't it?"

"So do you. But we have to beware of potential assassination on them,"

"Indeed, but what's more worrying is that the federalists might preemptively kill the potential candidates,"

"As I personally expected. We can't send people there, though,"

"We can just attempt contact with potential allies, especially the current opposition,"

"But how?"

"I have a hunch that this communication will happen sooner or later," At the meantime, while Haverit was wandering around the capital of Ceroif,

"I wondered why this capital is nameless...." He was holding his Xiovias. After a few minutes, he saw a few people in black cloaks walking in front of him. "This is suspicious...." After a few minutes, they suddenly disappeared. Somewhere at the rooftop,

"That moron...I guess they don't know that their house for that traitor is unsafe from sniping,"

"Yeah. Let's just start firing at them. They must not survive today or they might start up plans to go against us," A person took out a sniper rifle and pointed it straight to a house near to a forest.

"It appeared that they are in the house, but the winds are unstable here and I can't get a steady aim here," At the meantime,

"I sense a sniper somewhere at the center of this nameless capital," Girejo was mumbling to himself while hiding behind the walls. Back at the snipers,

"Damn it...but that is fine with me. Spell! Wall scan!" The sniper saw him at the back of the wall while the wind was calm. "You are going to die...!" Just when a gunshot was heard, a sound of hitting something was heard too close.

"I have already know what you are going to do, asshole," Haverit appeared behind them while one of the snipers collapsed onto the ground. "You will not live beyond this minute," The other two were kicked down the building they were standing on before he disappeared. At the meantime, at the Imperial Fortress of Nadlas,

"What are you all doing here? We do not welcome any presence of Lyhorf federalists here!" Largian shouted at a few people in armors standing in front of the fortress's gate.

"We come in peace as we are opposed to what our former comrades has planned to do in the next few days. I beg of you to let us see your Imperior!"

"Imperial Titans, bring them to the guest room while I seek the Imperior for his instruction!" Several people in black robes dragged them away from the stone slab filled floor while he disappeared in front of a cotton covered marble door.

"I have heard of what they have said. You will act as my ear for them as today I have more important works to be done with the underlings, but please inform me of what they have said when you are done. My personal astrologist has said that what they say today will determine the destiny of this region forever,"

"I see. I'll act as you said, my Imperior," After a few minutes, inside room where everything is gold plated,

"So, what is your Imperior's decision?" A person in black armor asked Largian.

"Unfortunately my Imperior have more important matters to attend to and cannot see you in person, but I am asked to listen to you and relay the message myself,"

"Then we'll just start. I know we can trust you,"

"First, if you intent to continue with the joint project negotiation, you must not do it near the river. You know what I mean,"


"They will attack you just like that time and they might use mass destruction spells, even if that means killing themselves,"

"Why must I trust you all?"

"Because we were supposed to carry out the plan, but we objected and act some fake stuff to please our opponents before fleeing to here. An ally of us should be arriving at Ervilant. Hopefully said ally is safe,"

"I see. Do you wish to attempt political refuge here?"

"No. We will return and protect the current opposition alliance. Several murder attempts on potential candidates has happened yesterday and fortunately they were stopped before any harm was done,"
"I see,"

"If you do not wish to ask us, then we'll return to resume our work. Hopefully this region will be safe,"

"Thank you," The armored people were disappeared.

"I must relay this to the Imperior," Largian was disappeared as well.

"So, what do you think? Is our demands for the cooperation project workable?"

"I think it's not possible for Ceroif to comply with that since that it is not near to the river...." Largian suddenly knelt down in a black chamber where he is the only thing visible in it.

"My Imperior, I have heard of plans of attacking you during the cooperation project negotiation tomorrow,"

"What? Are you really sure of that?"

"Yes. And those people were supposed to carry out the attack, but disagreed with such methods and decided to defect away from their former allies,"

"If we can find a more suitable place...."

"I think the town hall of Fideas town is a good place,"

"That is if Wogrit approves of this,"

"I can contact her myself on that. By the way, Largian, I will assign secret police to monitor activites around the river. Follow them and act accordingly,"

"As you ordered, my Imperior,"

"Also, if they attack, do not counter them. Just avoid them and their acts will be exposed," The danger is closing....

Xiovias-Chapter 26=Crisis Final Stage Part Three

"So, may I know what is your plan to sanction them? They can come up with counter sanctions as well," Furlan asked Fyerive.

"The problem is a caretaking leader cannot do that since that it requires legislative methods,"

"In Wogrit, this is true. However, in Lyhorf, this is a strictly executive matter and can be done anytime without legislative restrictions,"


"If you really want to force the federalists to cut their crap, you better announce joint projects which does not involve Lyhorf. Any future government would certainly be interested to join. Then they can agree in exchange of abandoning any ideas of restoring the old federation,"

"That sounds a hell lot effective. Anyway, there will be people out for my head sooner or later,"

"You will get special escorts for that later on. For now, you should go to our guest room while I arrange things,"

"Then, if you'll excuse me," Furlan and Iallie exited the room while Maglain walked inside.

"Seriously, what is he doing here?"

"His father was murdered...."

"That is a lie. He is now under political refuge in Ceroif,"

"Then I know what the fuck is going on here. There is a serious infighting between the members of the federalists and those who are opposed to the invasion attempt decided to please their opponents with some very realistic fake acts and flee away to warn other countries. Let's just say that things has turned interesting enough that we get the only chance crush that arrogance of Lyhorf government once and for all," A day earlier,

"What do you mean by this? After kidnapping me you locked me inside another room and what I heard was sounds of me screaming?" Girejo was tied with a thick rope and saw several people in purple armor removing their helmets.

"We have to act something so that people who are opposing us do not target us when we flee to other countries. You better escape to Ceroif and seek political refuge," His rope was untied.

"I see. So you are on my side with that kind of acting. Where you are going then?"

"We'll split up and flee to Ervilant and Nadlas. If we survive, we will meet again,"

"Thank you for believing in me,"

"See ya," Everyone was disappeared. After an hour,

"A federalist...what is a federalist is doing here?" Several people in golden cloaks dashed towards a man wearing a black armor and surrounded him. "What are you doing here?"

"I request audience with your dictator. I have to warn himself regarding something very dire,"

"For a federalist to do so...bring him to the security office first," A person in golden cloak whispered to another.

"We have to examine that claim seriously so you need to follow us for a bit,"

"I understand," After 10 minutes, inside an white painted interrogation room with a white round table,

"Tell me everything you got. My father do not wish to see anyone as of now, but I will relay your message to him later on," Haverit was sitting opposite to the man.

"To be frank, I can never return to my homeland. After knowing several plans to destroy Wogrit and Ceroif in an all out war with several conspirators in the military, a few decided to do some acts to fool them into believing that there are no opposition in these plans and leave the country to warn the leaders instead of spying on the countries as they expected.

"I see. We have plans to counter them when that happens, but at least this election would put their plans into a halt as soldiers in Lyhorf are required to serve during elections as guards thanks to terrorist attacks during nomination, election and result calculation processes,"

"Indeed. If the current opposition wins, they will not attempt this. But the federalists have formed a legitimate party and it has announced it will enter the election to seize power for themselves,"

"They must not get even one seat in the legislative house,"


"One seat means that they have center of influence to spread their beliefs and agenda. With their abilities, they can amass a lot of followers which can at least turn Ceroif a micronation smaller than Ervilant,"

"I know that. That's why I am going to see your father. Anyway, you won't ask me who am I, do you?"

"I already know who you are. You are the father to the resigned chairman, who was also a chairman who passed the position to him. For a former leader to end up with this fate...I'll work on providing political refuge on you,"

"Thank you very much,"

"Take this key and a person in rainbow colored cloak would lead you to your temporary accommodation," Haverit put a rainbow colored key on the table. After 5 minutes,

"What? The federalists are attempting to reclaim this land? This must be a bad karma hitting on us...."

"No. Even some of them disagreed and decided to flee to other countries,"

"I see. I'll contact Fyerive and see what can we do," Back at Maglain and Fyerive,

"Should we contact Nadlas and Ervilant about how things happen here?" Fyerive asked Maglain.

"As far as I know, Dergias has contacted the leaders by himself. We might get contacts from them soon and I already asked our communications officer to redirect calls from them right to you,"

"If that is the case, call the officers working on the collaboration program to speed up. We might need to start the collaboration program tomorrow. With the caretaking duties being taken over, the nominations could be brought forward to an earlier date,"

"I understand. Take care, my dear,"

"Stop calling me that outside of our room!" At the meantime,

"What is happening? Why there are less people here?"

"This is bad news, my leader! A lot of our allies have gone to other countries!"

"What? Where do you get this?"

"I got this from our allies,"

"I see. So we have traitors. Just leave them for now. We have to focus on the thrashing plans for the nomination day, but call our foreign allies to kill them on sight," The danger is escalating even more....