Thursday, 8 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 6=An Unknown Enemy

While they were speeding along the plains, a person in green cloak suddenly dived down from the sky.

“Spell! Cracking dive!” Haverit heard the voice.

“This is not going to work on us!” A few rockets were fired from Viqios’s rocket launcher while the two suddenly accelerated. The rockets hit the person, but the green cloak turned brown and the person merely stopped onto the ground.

“That person can’t be dying. It is just plain impossible. Stay away. This fighter could be immune to firearms,” The two suddenly stopped and Haverit turned around while taking out his Xiovias. “Ha, it appeared that royalists from the mainland has finally soaked their hands in this matter, huh? Bring it on!”

“Just because you are our dictator’s son does not mean that we dare not to hurt you! Spell! Bound!” Several white rings suddenly surrounded him and shrunk, trapping him. “Spell! Acid splash!” A few bottles of nitric acid was falling from the sky.

“Seriously, you could kill me just now and you use this on me? Let’s see if you can survive the returning damage. Spell! Warp!” The bottles disappeared just before they reached his head and crashed onto the person’s head instead. Smokes were seen emitted from from the cloak.

“We will meet again, traitor,” The person suddenly disappeared.

“This is unusual. They would still fight under that condition,” Haverit locked his Xiovias onto his belt with a holder.

“It’s better to leave that person to the authorities. We better move on. We have no time to spare,” Viqios tapped his shoulder.

“Indeed. Let’s go,” After 2 hours, at the abandoned warehouse in Kufrio city,

“Spell! Inbound explosion!” A guard’s body was exploded and the person in green cloak dashed past the computer at the center of the warehouse. Instead of broke into pieces, the barrier turned from blue to yellow.

“Sorry, but what you are doing is useless. The unhijacked footage was discovered somewhere that I will not tell you. You must be the royalists who clashed and killed another royalists earlier near the norther borders, right?” Cephiane took out her wand. “Spell! Immobilize!” The person in green cloak suddenly stopped moving.


“A copy is currently being sent there as we speak,”

“I know that the footage is stored here. You can’t lie to me. Spell! Unbound!” The person in green cloak walked horizontally. “Can your spell powers protect this computer?” The person suddenly disappeared and the barrier turned red just before reappearing at her back.

“Spell! Thrusting ejection!” The person was suddenly thrown away and crashed onto the wall. “I can as long as I am here! Spell! Barrier repair!” Her wand touched the barrier and it turned back to white.

“You insist that you’ll die first, huh? Your wish is granted! Spell! Infernal freeze!” Blue flames burnt her alive, but the flames crawled towards her wand.

“Is this what you got? You are not as high ranking as what I expected. Spell! Frostbiting claws!” Fang shaped dry ice blocks stabbed the person repeatedly for a few seconds.

“ will...not...forget...this....” The person teleported away. Back at them,

“Hey, why don’t just stream the whole thing online?” Haverit asked Viqios

“Are you stupid? It just makes things even worse. The hijacking abilities are so advanced that they can actually hijack the content from the very beginning!”

“Do you mean the way the content was broadcasted?”

“Yes. I’d say that some people in the broadcasting station has hijacked the live footage by intercepting signals which are used to broadcast it. By doing this, the aired content will pass through the station members who examining them and only gets altered when it was viewed somewhere else,”

“So if the content is streamed online, the servers would be actually hacked?”

“In a way, yes, but the actual content is not altered,”

“So if the original footage was rebroadcasted....”
“That can’t work unless the media used to keep the original footage is used. The problem is, during the attack on our president, the camera was destroyed into pieces. The only original footage that we have are the ones in our possession. The research to restore original content from hijacked content hasn’t progressed well for months, so we can’t rely on that as well,”

“If we have it streamed from a foreign source....”

“Do you think that we can just hand the material to some and have it streamed from a foreign land? This can cause diplomatic problems and there is no guarantee that the hijackers would not know about this. Also, proxies can be hijacked too since that it still connects to local network,”

“I guess that we have to send the item to my dad as soon as possible. Even then....”

“The hijacking takes advantage that fiber optic transmission materials are prone to spells. A computer playing a disc can’t have the content hijacked that way. That’s why we have to hand the material to the dictator himself,” At the meantime,

“Are you sure of this, vice president? If the footage is hijacked....”

“I actually anticipated this and have the footage pre-recorded and prepared physical copies in large quantities stored in various places. The problem with last time was that the physical copies were missing. This time, the media will be able to listen to this press release and get physical copies,”

“I have a hunch that this might backfire....” After 10 minutes, the two walked out to the same room Fyerive was speaking some days earlier.

“Before I start, here’s the physical copies of what I am going to say,” Papers were handed out to the journalists sitting in front of him. Suddenly, faint sounds of people screaming were heard. At a hallway outside of the room,

“You are from a demilitarized country. You just plain can’t deal with me regardless of how many of your personnel come at me!” A person in white painted armor dashed forward along the hallway, ramming the guards protecting it. After a few seconds,

“You are not going to attempt this press release!” The red painted door was broken as the person was seen behind it. This is very bad....

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