Saturday, 31 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 27=Crisis Final Stage Part Four

The next morning,
"Today, the election committee has agreed upon that the nomination will be delayed for another day to allow for more pre-nomination campagins and for potential candidates to prepare the necessary items. This shall be the only extension granted by the committee and any further requests for extension will not be entertained," Fyerive was listening to the radio.

"What a big mess. Anyway, he'll definitely call me," A phone placed on a table in front of her was ringing.

"So, should we delay the negotiation process?"

"Indeed. Try contacting them and see if they agree. By the way, you managed to rope a former chairman as a political refuge, isn't it?"

"So do you. But we have to beware of potential assassination on them,"

"Indeed, but what's more worrying is that the federalists might preemptively kill the potential candidates,"

"As I personally expected. We can't send people there, though,"

"We can just attempt contact with potential allies, especially the current opposition,"

"But how?"

"I have a hunch that this communication will happen sooner or later," At the meantime, while Haverit was wandering around the capital of Ceroif,

"I wondered why this capital is nameless...." He was holding his Xiovias. After a few minutes, he saw a few people in black cloaks walking in front of him. "This is suspicious...." After a few minutes, they suddenly disappeared. Somewhere at the rooftop,

"That moron...I guess they don't know that their house for that traitor is unsafe from sniping,"

"Yeah. Let's just start firing at them. They must not survive today or they might start up plans to go against us," A person took out a sniper rifle and pointed it straight to a house near to a forest.

"It appeared that they are in the house, but the winds are unstable here and I can't get a steady aim here," At the meantime,

"I sense a sniper somewhere at the center of this nameless capital," Girejo was mumbling to himself while hiding behind the walls. Back at the snipers,

"Damn it...but that is fine with me. Spell! Wall scan!" The sniper saw him at the back of the wall while the wind was calm. "You are going to die...!" Just when a gunshot was heard, a sound of hitting something was heard too close.

"I have already know what you are going to do, asshole," Haverit appeared behind them while one of the snipers collapsed onto the ground. "You will not live beyond this minute," The other two were kicked down the building they were standing on before he disappeared. At the meantime, at the Imperial Fortress of Nadlas,

"What are you all doing here? We do not welcome any presence of Lyhorf federalists here!" Largian shouted at a few people in armors standing in front of the fortress's gate.

"We come in peace as we are opposed to what our former comrades has planned to do in the next few days. I beg of you to let us see your Imperior!"

"Imperial Titans, bring them to the guest room while I seek the Imperior for his instruction!" Several people in black robes dragged them away from the stone slab filled floor while he disappeared in front of a cotton covered marble door.

"I have heard of what they have said. You will act as my ear for them as today I have more important works to be done with the underlings, but please inform me of what they have said when you are done. My personal astrologist has said that what they say today will determine the destiny of this region forever,"

"I see. I'll act as you said, my Imperior," After a few minutes, inside room where everything is gold plated,

"So, what is your Imperior's decision?" A person in black armor asked Largian.

"Unfortunately my Imperior have more important matters to attend to and cannot see you in person, but I am asked to listen to you and relay the message myself,"

"Then we'll just start. I know we can trust you,"

"First, if you intent to continue with the joint project negotiation, you must not do it near the river. You know what I mean,"


"They will attack you just like that time and they might use mass destruction spells, even if that means killing themselves,"

"Why must I trust you all?"

"Because we were supposed to carry out the plan, but we objected and act some fake stuff to please our opponents before fleeing to here. An ally of us should be arriving at Ervilant. Hopefully said ally is safe,"

"I see. Do you wish to attempt political refuge here?"

"No. We will return and protect the current opposition alliance. Several murder attempts on potential candidates has happened yesterday and fortunately they were stopped before any harm was done,"
"I see,"

"If you do not wish to ask us, then we'll return to resume our work. Hopefully this region will be safe,"

"Thank you," The armored people were disappeared.

"I must relay this to the Imperior," Largian was disappeared as well.

"So, what do you think? Is our demands for the cooperation project workable?"

"I think it's not possible for Ceroif to comply with that since that it is not near to the river...." Largian suddenly knelt down in a black chamber where he is the only thing visible in it.

"My Imperior, I have heard of plans of attacking you during the cooperation project negotiation tomorrow,"

"What? Are you really sure of that?"

"Yes. And those people were supposed to carry out the attack, but disagreed with such methods and decided to defect away from their former allies,"

"If we can find a more suitable place...."

"I think the town hall of Fideas town is a good place,"

"That is if Wogrit approves of this,"

"I can contact her myself on that. By the way, Largian, I will assign secret police to monitor activites around the river. Follow them and act accordingly,"

"As you ordered, my Imperior,"

"Also, if they attack, do not counter them. Just avoid them and their acts will be exposed," The danger is closing....

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