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Xiovias-Chapter 22=Exposure Part One

"First, we should show the timetable of the sanction repeals. We have to make sure that it does not take too long nor having large difference between both of us," Dergias said while putting down a piece of yellow paper on a table in front of him.

"Show him the schedule," Fyerive told an officer and the officer took out a piece of green paper opposite to the yellow paper.

"I wondered who is actually preparing this thing. It's just....perfect," Dergias's face turned pale.

"Indeed. All sanction repeals just happen at the same time and ends within a year," Fyerive's face turned pale as well.

"But can it be actually done? I fear that it is too quick. May I know who are responsible in preparing this? Are they jointly done?" Largian asked them.

"They are prepared together by a joint committee comprised with high ranking officers who are in charge of the sanctions," The two said together.

"Now I see. If that's the case, I think it can be done right now instead of a month later as proposed by the plan,"

"We have to take account that the crisis that shroud both countries are not over yet. If anything bad happens, the delay is inevitable," A few people said together.

"I see. Then, shall be go through the repealing of the sanctions one by one?" Largian asked both Fyerive and Dergias.

"Before that, I heard of rumors that someone vital to the crisis has visited your country, Madam Fyerive,"

"Indeed, and I believe that the same is true for your country,"

"Of course. Let's have an information sharing here, shall we?"

"I believe that this meeting's real purpose is to do exactly this and expose the dirty work of the federalists, isn't it?"

"That is what I should have said to you, but let's proceed with this," After 15 minutes of data copying,

"The data are merging by themselves!" Fyerive's and Dergias's faces turned pale once more. After 5 minutes, a white display suddenly appeared at the stage's back drop.

"By the time you have did this, we could have been killed by the officials in the way of public execution. In fact, this shall be our final speech before we go to tell some vital information to them," Quanvor appeared in the display with Zadras who were in black formal wear.

"First, if you think that this only involves Wogrit and Ceroif, people of Ervilant Territory and Nadlas Imperial Kingdom, you are severely mistaken. You should have known that your interpols were deported away from Lyhorf, isn't it?"

"I thought that this is just their way to enforce the foreign law immunity to avoid accusations of copying Wogrit's foreign law immunity," Largian's face was full of sweat.

"Now they are prohibiting all foreign journalists from entering the new federation as well since a month ago except their own citizens who happen to work as journalists overseas," Zadras continued.

"That does explain why there are journalists during the call to me back then...." Fyerive sipped a glass of mineral water.

"Then the deaths of journalists from Nadlas and Ervilant are...." Largian was seen clenching his fists beneath the table.

"In fact, while the local authorities do execute the killers, but they rejected the demands for copensation towards the victim's families on the grounds that if they pay for it, in the future they will be obligated to do the exact same to all foreigner deaths in Lyhorf and will cause political problems among the public of the entire region,"

"That is understandable, but their way of expressing refusal is very rude," Largian put his clenched fists onto the table.

"Next, we have received a massive order of armor production. We are legally obligated to accept it or we could be sued for refusing business. However, when we checked through the list of people, they are all high profile federalists who once hold very high positions in the federation. One of them is the father of the current chairman who once became a chairman himself," Zadras said.

"I bet that you know what was happening in your country, but most of you are certainly not knowing what happening in our land. It is far from pretty, I must say," Dergias sighed.

"First, people who are opposing the direction of the federation is in were murdered yet the government does not comment on it despite the perpetrators were killed. The opposition became stronger and the killings became numerous as the result, but there's still no comment from the government," Quanvor resumed.

"Wha do you expect when the main goal of the government as of now is to restore the old federation. It's impossible if they attempt it, so they just let the federalists to do their job for them," Dergias sighed.

"Next, extremists views that the new federation should just wage wars with them are not curtailed anymore. It was done in the name of defending press freedom which does coincide with the repeal of Press Regulation Act, but when people who criticized the views were harmed in various ways, the government still refused to comment aside from doing legal investigations as usual," Zadras said.

"Now that's obviously supporting the federalists," Fyerive giggled.

"They have no fucking idea about what press freedom actually is," A person in golden cloak drank a glass of mineral water.

"Yet, they are clearly contradicting themselves by blocking printed material from being brought out from the country, blocking all access to foreign news websites and not condemning several attacks on media stations," Quanvor added.

"As I expected from a leader who lives in the shadow of his father. If not for the forced delay of general election in Lyhorf by that damned emergency order, they could, no, will lose the general election to the opposition who are in favor of seceeding reigons who wished to do so," Largian sipped a glass of mineral water.

"Also, don't be shocked by this. A federalist spy in Wogrit National Broadcast Center is the person responsible for this total mess we are dealing. He's the person who installed the hijacking system in several cables that resulted in the dictator insulting footage," This reveal is unsettling....

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