Saturday, 31 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 28=Crisis Final Stage Part Five

At the meantime, at a tower in Evilant,
"This is it...the Ervilant Operations Tower...." A person in white armor saw a tall brick tower in front, only to be blocked by several people wearing black formal wear and masks.

"What is a federalist doing here? We at Ervilant Territory do not welcome any of you!"

"I do not come for causing trouble. I come here to relay what my former allies will do next. I come in peace,"

"Oh? But that place is not opened for guests. Please come with us to our intelligence center," After 20 minutes of walking,

"So, what kind of information do you wish to tell us. We'll keep your identity unknown so that you can safely return to your country," A person in black formal wear and mask was sitting opposite of the armored person inside a room filled with green mosaic tiles.

"Are you implying that Ervilant do not offer political refuge?"

"We are a micronation which cannot afford to have political refuge risking our territory's security,"

"It's not like I would stay here anyway. I have some protection job after I'm done here,"

"What do you mean by that?"

"There are plans to assassinate candidates from the opposition by the federalists. So far, they have abandoned plans to form a party as they would not make it to the current election,"

"What? If we could get hired somehow...."

"Anyway, there's also a very bad news to you,"

"What is it?"

"The federalists are gathering at Rozandras river bank as we speak and apparently they are attempting to attack your collaboration negotiation,"

"Don't worry about that. My boss can always propose to change places and do that the last minute,"

"I see. If there is nothing else, then may I return?"

"Indeed," After 20 minutes,

"Seriously...this is definitely a big threat to us. But I wondered what kind of fun we can make that day...." After 10 minutes,

"Miss Fyerive, the Imperior and the Boss wants to contact you,"

"Use the multi-line connection and request the Dictator to join. This must be a very dire matter to the extent that they contact me together,"

"I have received information from the defectors from Lyhorf federalists that the federalists are currently gathering at Rozandras river bank and attempting to attack the collaboration meeting," the Imperior said.

"As I expected. Let's do it at Fideas town hall of Wogrit. They won't be able to penetrate our bodyguards!" Dergias suddenly shouted.

"It appeared that you are confident in your Dictatorial Guards," the Boss giggled.

"I'll sending them for the guarding of this important event this time. Of course, for transparency purposes, I couldn't care less if Lyhorf citizens get a hold on what we are doing," Dergias said.

"Wait, so you suggest that we be upfront about we are actually joining forces to impose sanctions against them?" Fyerive's face turned pale.

"Hey, rumors are spreading in Lyhorf that we will impose some nasty sanctions against them. Let's shock them even further!"

"That is too risky. As fas as I concerned, sanctions can be imposed by caretaking government, especially when it gets too far. However, depending on the election results, there could be a chance for them to redeem themselves,"

"But how could you do spying work while that country is blocked off from any foreigners and foreign contacts to the point that local businesses are very vocal in expressing their displeasure at this point?" Fyerive asked.

"That is a secret which I will reveal tomorrow. After all, it is a country secret,"

"Perhaps the safety of the spies is a concern of yours...." the Imperior said.

"Of course. It's too much of a cost to train spies, you know,"

"I see. Anyway, I think we agree that we should change the location for our collaboration meeting to Fideas town hall, Wogrit, right?" Fyerive asked.

"Yes," The others answered together.

"However, I suggest that we have a decoy meeting at Telrade River Bank to fool the federalists," the Imperior suddenly said.

"Hey, that is deceiving the public!" the Boss suddenly shouted.

"I do not mean decoy in terms of copying the actual meeting. I mean making another meeting there between us, but with other people and agendas," the Imperior said.

"We don't have much to talk about sending several ministers to talk anything about the marine areas?" Fyerive asked.

"That's good. I'll be sending a few administrators for that," Dergias said.

"That will certainly piss them off. But I have plans for that, but I need to hire your mobs, Boss,"

"Stop calling me that. By the way, for this, the service is free. It is for the destiny of this region. I wondered if this is really necessary, though," the Boss raised the voice.

"What if they see nothing over there and decided to seek us? You have to take account that the federalists who are still active are the dangerous ones which are currently sitting ducks in Lyhorf, waiting for their lures to get into their range. If they do not see anyone tomorrow, they might seek other targets, which could be us. I won't let them succeed, though," the Imperior said.

"But you will get even more trouble if you are using the secret police. Footages of them in action rescuing Quanvor and Zadras was leaked to our side," Fyerive said.

"How?" The Imperior asked.

"Investigations are still being done to determine the origin of the footages, but it is said that it was leaked by the authorities when a camera installed into the APC recorded the acts," Fyerive said.

"Damn...I can't use actual soldiers...." The Imperior said.

"You could use police force, especially the ones dealing with riots or terrorism," The boss said.

"Thank you for your suggestion, but the actual details have to be discussed with our underlings," The Imperior said.

"I see. I guess that there will be nothing else, right?" Fyerive asked.

"Indeed," Everyone said together and the communication was ended. At the meantime,

"They will not live beyond tomorrow," This is getting dangerous....

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