Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 5=Forward North

“Spell! Vitalize!” Haverit fired a sparkling white beam to a woman in green T-shirt and shorts.

“Ugh....” She was dizzying while standing up. “So no one came after I fainted....” She looked at the green hemispherical barrier.

“How many people came and attack this place? This place is very messy. Just look at the bodies around this place,” Viqios asked her. “By the way, Cephiane Phinad, good job,”

“You just plain don’t ask more from your own students, you know,”

“No wonder she can personally defeat those fearsome opponents alone. Anyway, just go ahead and access the computer while we protect you here,” Haverit pushed him. While he was using it, a person in platinum cloak suddenly fell from the roof.

“Spell! Meteor drop!” A brown burning barrier surrounded the person while falling down.

“I will not allow this! Spell! Cosmic blast!” A yellow laser blast was fired from Haverit’s Xiovias. The barrier was shattered upon getting hit by the blast, but the person was still falling down onto the computer while taking out a platinum hammer.

“Spell! Cosmic blast!” Another yellow laser blast was fired at the person. That time, the cloak was burned into ashes and no one was seen falling down from it. The warehouse was silent for 30 minutes. Next,

“This really takes a long time, but please take one of these discs,” Viqios handed them a disc to them.

“Emergency backup. Let’s go. We have a long journey to go. But to go north directly would be problematic,” Haverit said.

“The pursuers might attack us if we cross through Xateria city...how about going straight to Hervias village further north through the Siglias plains?” Viqios asled him.

“That’s a good idea. By the way, can I tag along?” Cephiane asked Viqios.

“No way! Who’s going to protect this computer while other computers get rebuild?”

“Fine. But you do sent a backup file to your old home over there?”

“Of course. That’s why it took me so long. I need to transfer the data in case that all three discs in our possession are destroyed,”

“We better be quick. My father will withhold military actions for so long before the troops are deployed in the borders once more. When that happens, he himself will lead the assault and this country will be destroyed,”

“If teleportation is reliable these days...let’s go,” Haverit and Viqios dashed out from the warehouse. At the meantime,

“Hey, our plan could be exposed. If that happens, we would be certainly charged under undermining national security. After all, we are causing foreign forces to attack us,”

“Well, let’s hide for now. The cloaked people will do their own thing,” Back at them,

“This will be a long journey, isn’t it?” Viqios asked Haverit while taking out a pair of handguns. The two were seen walking on the grass plains.

“Yes. It will take us 12 days to reach the village if we go at this pace. Let’s get this quickly done, shall we? Hold tight, dude. I’ll be using your spell this time. Spell! Wind thruster boost!” Viqios hugged Haverit and the two dashed forward as if they were pushed by strong winds.

“This is really fast, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. With my weapon’s magical abilities, I can make it faster!” Haverit pointed his weapon forward and the dashed even faster. After 4 hours, they saw a brown blotch to their left.

“This should be the Xateria town...!” A purple laser blast was suddenly seen fired in front of them and they jumped over it. Next, a person in white armor appeared in front of them.

“This is insane!” The two split and pointed their weapons at the person.

“Two people? I don’t care. You two will just simply die!” The person in white armor disappeared and reappeared at Haverit’s back, with gunshots from Viqios’s handguns making ricocheting sounds.

“Spell! Eject blow!” The man in white armor and Haverit were pushed away from each other. The two turned around and faced each other. After a few seconds, the handguns were making clicking sounds.

“Damn...this gun is useless? I’ll switch to another suitable weapon!” The handguns disappeared and Viqios was seen wielding a pair of rocket launchers. A few rockets were fired at the person, but the missiles were missed upon reaching close as the person kept on disappearing and reappearing. “Even with auto-reload I still can’t hit this damned armor? What the hell...!”

“Spell! Force kick!” The man in white armor suddenly disappeared and reappeared at Viqios’s back.

“Spell! Rooting strangle!” Brown spiked vines suddenly struck up from the ground and tied the person down onto the ground.

“Thanks, bro!” He turned around and fired a few rockets at the person while dashing backwards. The armor was blown into pieces thrown around with smokes spread to every direction. After 5 seconds, the smokes disappeared and a person in a mask was seen unconscious on the ground.

“I don’t think that this person survived this attack. One of them is enough to blow up everything,”

“Another shot just to make sure!” A rocket was fired at the person and the body was exploded. “Now this body is really gone forever!” He laughed while Haverit’s face turned pale upon seeing the remains of the exploded body.

“Let’s continue our travel north. This sight is very unsettling,” The two resumed their travel the same way. At the meantime,

“A few enemies suddenly dashed past the southern gate and is coming to us as we speak?”

“Yes. They are people in yellow cloaks, possibly the royalists from Ceroif,” At the meantime,

“What do you mean by the whole thing is a hijack action by political opponents? You would believe what those liars say?”

“Don’t you think that it is very suspicious that the president would insult the president? It sounds really out of character for her,”

“Oh? Don’t you forget that she has criticizes us a lot in the past so it is not surprising that she will eventually do this,”

“Don’t forget that the law explicitly says that when there is a doubt of whether the offense was actually being committed, the suspect remains a free man until it is proven beyond doubt that the suspect has clearly breached the law,”

“I am confident that she does offend the law beyond reasonable doubt. Now get away or I’ll stop you under the name of protecting a national enemy!”

“Go ahead. I’ll stop you under the name of disrupting legal justice!” Things are getting worse.

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