Monday, 12 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 11=Fending off An Enemy

“I don’t know what are you talking about!” Haverit took out his Xiovias and pointed it at a person in black cloak.

“Thanks to your work, your father has just recently repealed the lese-majeste,”

“That damned thing should have been repealed anyway,”

“Oh? Then I’ll make sure that you pay with your life!” The person took out an axe with stainless steel block and dashed towards him with the axe burning.

“Pay...who is going to pay?” A quick upwards swing of his Xiovias sent the axe upwards. Next, he kicked the person away and threw the weapon towards the person. The person was impaled through the heart and died instantly. “Seriously...this is really insane. I bet that the royalists are now in a civil war now,” Suddenly, another person in black cloak appeared.

“So a royalist has attacked you, sir,”

“Indeed. By the way, how is the dictator?”

“The dictator is now safe in the Dictatorial Dorm. But the situation at the capital is worsening,”

“What do you expect when my father made such a controversial decision? Even in the coliseum it was passed with only 3 votes majority from the administrator. I could not think the situation would be calm after this. At least the freedom of press is improving,”

“This is not a good price to pay, but at least the royalists are now returning to this country. What they have done in the past has made us a bad name,”

“Do you wish to follow me back to the capital?”

“No. I prefer travelling alone,”

“As you wish,” The person in the black cloak disappeared. “It’s time to move forward. I must see him before it’s too late,” At the meantime, at the Dictatorial Dorm,

“I may have sinned, my countrymen, but for the bright future of this dictatorship, this is the price that I have to pay,” Dergias was kneeling onto the ground. Suddenly, a person in pink cloak appeared at his back.

“Price? What kind of dictatorship if the leader has chosen to destroy one’s dignity?”

“I am a legitimate dictator, not an iron clad dictator,”

“Now stop screwing around! I’ll kill you, become the dictator and restore this dignity!”

“You certainly has the guts to boast this right to my face. Fine. I’ll punish you myself for assault!” He took out a pair of titanium hammer and slammed it onto the ground. Several rock spikes impaled through the person.and the body was split into two halves. “Guards! Clear off the scene!”

“Yes, my dictator!” At the meantime,

“Hey, what should we do after we are done with...!” A few guards’ heads were dropped onto the ground before their bodies.

“That’s brutal...but why would someone assault a clothing warehouse?” Cephiane dashed upon seeing it. Upon seeing a plaque which read “Wogrit centralized uniform storage warehouse No.1”.

“This is horrible. I must stop them!” She dashed around the building. Just when a blue armor appeared behind her and swung a club to her head, “I see through that, you evildoer!” She crouched and backflipped, kicking the helmet and it fell onto the ground.

“You are good, but can you withstand this? Spell!” Electric shock!” She was suddenly shocked with electric current and stunned for a few seconds while it stood up. Just when it picked up the club, she kicked between its legs and sent it upwards.

“Of course I can, wimp! Spell! Meteor drop!” A car sized meteor was dropped onto him, but he suddenly disappeared just before he reached the ground. “Sneak around? I can detect that!” She turned around and her left elbow hit the helmet, knocking it down onto the ground for real that time.

“ can defend this warehouse, but can you rush to other warehouses?” At the meantime,

“You are not coming here, armored freaks!” Viqios fired his assault rifle at an armored person who were coming close to the warehouse from the zinc roof.

“Easy target. Spell! Corrosion!” He suddenly fell into the warehouse when the zinc roof he was standing on turned into dusts. “This...!” Just when the door was turned into dusts, a rocket was fired right at it. The armor was cracked while thrown backwards. A few rockets were fired at it, but it disappeared just before the rockets reached it.

“Thankfully I fell into a big bucket of uniforms instead of anywhere else,” At the meantime,

“What the hell you are doing? Is stealing uniforms are that difficult to you?”

“You see, there are people attempting to stop us and they are too powerful,”

“Nevermind. I’ll just simply send higher ranked people to do this task. Anyway, make sure that no one gets exposed. You know the only punishment to that,”

“Yes, boss,”

“What? We got a few piles of clothing? Good job,” At the meantime,

“Hey, we got some big demands for the cloaks in the last few days,”

“What can we do? Just do it and make sure that we get the payment,”

“But the order is from the new federation!”

“We have no right to refuse customer orders. That’s our boss’s job,” The next morning,

“Piles of uniforms were stolen from the storage warehouses?” Fyerive’s face turned pale upon receiving a call.

“Yes. There were armored people who attacked them and they stole a lot of uniform,”

“I understand. Attempt to recover them while the legal investigators deal with this incident,” The call was ended.

“Seriously, who are they?” Fyerive asked Maglain.

“They are said to be the federalists who want to revive the old federation, if the rumors spread by people is true,”

“Lyhorf Federation officially said that they are working to stopping the armored people, but since that they started to adopt our stance of legal enforcement....”

“At this time where the crimes done by their own citizens? This is getting suspicious,”

“That is the least of our problems. They have a tendency to either die or disappeared when attacked. This makes getting information from them very hard,” The phone on their desk was suddenly ringing,

“Is this miss Fyerive? I am the dictator speaking from the Dictatorial Dorm,” This is getting worse....

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