Sunday, 25 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 19-Armor Trouble Part Four

Earlier that day,
"Another person disappeared too? Are you sure of this?"

"Yes. Their assistants said that they were one leave for private reasons, presumably some personal matters. Even they did not know where they are going,"

"Personal matters? Call people to kill them. I know where they are going. Trying to sneak around? No way," At the meantime,

"So they are going to kill us no matter what, huh?" Quanvor saw a man wearing a black formal wear and mask standing in front of him. Filvea pointed her revolver at him.

"Don't worry. I'll protect you as an escort of mine," The man dashed towards them, dodging bullets fired from her revolver.

"Your revolver is too weak against him. You better reload now. Spell! Rebound barrier!" He dashed straight into an invisible barrier right in front of him and bounced into the air. "Shoot him now!" He yelled.

"Spell usage is not limited to you, you know. Spell! Acceleration!" A few bullets fired from her revolver suddenly sped up while hitting through his heart. He fell onto the ground and never woke up. Her cellphone suddenly rang.

"The teleportation is ready. Do not move or you two may end up in other places," She answered the phone and a black swirling circle suddenly appeared on the ground. After a few seconds, they suddenly disappeared and reappeared at the Presidential Office.

"We got a foreign whistleblower. When was the last time this happened, Mag...I mean, my vice-president?" Fyerive and Maglain were standing right in front of an one floor circular building which was covered entirely in glass. The two's faces turned pale.

"That was long before we entered politics, madam president. Anyway, please follow our bodyguards to our office. We have different matters to be worked upon while you come to us," Fyerive and Maglain disappeared while bodyguards in violet uniform surrounded them. At the meantime,

"What do you mean by the escaped to the presidential office?"

"Well, these people managed to kill the people we sent,"

" is unwise to attack there directly for the time being...let's wait for the officials to deal with the matter first. If we kill that bastard, we could get rewarded," Back to them,

"Please wait for them," The officers disappeared when the two entered a green painted room.

"To be frank, I could be killed when I return to my homeland,"

"What?" Filvea's face turned pale.

"People of Lyhorf Federation are not allowed to enter countries which were split off from the old federation and it is considered a treason,"

"Then why they allow businesses operate at these countries, then?"

"It's because that allows Lyhorf to gain economic power over them, but all personnel are still local people,"

"Whoa...that is insane...."

"What do you expect? Up to this day, the Federal Day speeches are littered with intent to regain the old federation,"

"Sorry for making you waiting. There's some inconveniences from that federation," Back then,

"There's an emergency call from the chairman himself,"

"What? This must be about that person's arrival. Bring me to the communications room!" Fyerive whispered to an officer in green uniform.

"As instructed, my president," Walking along the busy halls with transparent glass walls, they finally arrived at a room full with a desk and a chair sealed in a purple barrier.

"I have been waiting for you, asshole," An unknown voice was suddenly heard when Fyerive sat on the chair.

"Just because you are the chairman of the big federation does not mean you can be rude to a president,"

"Don't forget that you are the leader of a bastard of a country,"


"By the way, I have receive reports that a citizen of mine has escaped to your country,"

"I do not deny this fact and apparently someone who is working under you is responsible for the recent incidents,"

"Watch your words, bitch. I can sue you for slander in your country's court and win,"

"Then explain why armored people assaulted our clothes storage depots and those stolen clothes were worn during massive assaults on us!"

"That is the work of the federalists. You already received multiple memos over the past years about how their activities are independent of the federation and you are allowed to prosecute them as you please,"

"Then explain why you chased out the interpol officers working in your federation!"

"Well, while we adopted your stance on foreign law enforcement, we modified it to only allow local enforcement officers to enforce local laws. Local interpol officers were all converted to police officers while foreign ones were deported. However, at the same time we also improved our legal information exchange system,"

"Is it another way to say that if your people committed crimes in our country and went back, we have to use the legal information exchange system to 'persuade' you to capture them?"

"'Persuade?' Are you implying that we attempted espionage in your country?"

"That is not an impossibility, but I admit that there is no evidence regarding this other than a Lyhorf citizen was caught using a piece of mirror to signal snipers for an assassination against me and Dergias. Even that was found to be a nasty coincidence that the mirror was picked up on a street and he was wearing it as a decoration,"

"This conversation is under monitoring in our Federative Gathering which is currently attended by journalists over the world. I am already known for my brash and rude attitude towards foreign leaders, but you are not,"

"At least I am known to be very impolite against you and Dergias, but at least since the recent incidents Wogrit and Ceroif are now having good relations and planning to repeal the sanctions at a later time. Of course, I have yet to hear how Ceroif would react to this,"

"Sorry for barging in for a while, but once this big mess is dealt with, I will personally bring my own personnel to meet up with you to discuss with the repealing of sanctions. We got a common enemy that we have to deal with," Dergias said briefly through the phone. The trouble continues....

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