Sunday, 25 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 12=Mutual Threat

“What makes you call me myself, dictator?” Fyerive asked Dergias over a cellphone.

“That’s because I got assassination attempts on me. I wondered if your country gets assaulted by unknown people as well,”

“So far, our uniform storage warehouses were attacked and large numbers of uniform were stolen last night,””

“I believe that this might be related with the spike of cloak sales from several clothing factories,”

“Wait...I thought that the cloaks are regulated clothing,”

“It used to be during the formative years, but now everyone can wear it. In Ceroif, all executioners are required to show their ID when approaching anyone. This, of course does not extend to overseas operations,”

“By the way, I heard that there will be more assassination attempts done to you,”

“It’s not like that was the first time it happened to me, you know. By the way, we should be prepared for incidents of officers attacking the public or similar incidents,”

“I have a plan for that and so should you,”

“I already know what you will do next. I should be following suit,”

“Let’s see how the results unfold,” The call was ended. At night, at the place Dergias was the day before in the Dictatorial Dorm,

“How can I perform my service, my dictator?” A woman wearing a green robe and holding a titanium ruby wand knelt in front of him.

“You should be standing. By the way, I request a reading of when fake officers will attack us,”

“As you instructed, my dictator,” She knocked her wand onto the ground while closing her eyes. After a minute, her face turned pale. At the meantime,

“What the fuck is going on here?” A man in purple cloak saw people in uniform clothes everywhere.

“Don’t let anyone get away!”

“Kill them!”

“Destroy everything!”

“This country is finished!” Sounds of beating and destruction was heard.

“I must tell him fast!” Back at Dergias, suddenly a cellphone call was heard.

“This is bad, my dictator!”

“Be calm, my follower. What is happening?”

“I saw people in Wogrit officer’s outfits attacking our people like barbarians!”

“I get it. Anyway, command all guards to gather at the capital’s Dictatorial Square. They will retreat if they are not getting any retaliation from us,”

“As instructed, my dictator,” The call ended. She lifted the wand upwards while opening her eyes.

“You know the answer, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Here’s my payment to you and you may be dismissed,”

“Thank you for your patronage,” She disappeared after taking some money tied with a rubber band. At the meantime,

“This will teach them a lesson!” A few people in gold cloaks suddenly appeared in front of police station and fired a pair of rocket launchers. Next,

“My president, this is an emergency!” A police officer called Fyerive.

“What happened?”

“A lot of golden and blue cloaked people are attacking several police stations as we speak!”

“As I expected. By the way, let them go in a rampage and they will stop once they noticed that the legal enforcers doing nothing,” After 20 minutes,

“Is the dictator on the phone?”

“As I expected, Miss Fyerive. Let me guess what you are going to tell me. Just now, a bunch of people in cloaks are rampaging in your country while people in your own country’s uniforms are rampaging in my country. As we both decided that it is to provoke response which would jeopardise our relationship, they stopped after some time,”

“This is clearly linked with the missing uniforms. How about a live joint press event at the borders tomorrow?”

“That is exactly my idea. We could be able to expose who is behind the scenes. I bet that there will be people who are going to assassinate us, isn’t it?”

“But that is the least of our problems, you know. We are already getting very harsh criticisms for letting the crime spree going,”

“Well, citizens will not be happy about it, but I have a very good explanation of why we are doing this,”

“If the citizens buy this....”

“They will. I am very sure of that, especially if someone really attempted to assassinate us,”

“Hopefully we will either be alive together,” The call was ended. At the Dictatorial Dorm,

“Are you really sure of this?”

“Of course, my wife. Don’t worry, I will be safe then. I have my own protection charm from you with the Dictatorial guards,”

“Be careful, my dictator. I won’t be able to protect you there,”

“I will,” At the meantime,

“This plan is too dangerous! Your could be attracting the same crowd that attacked the city just now!” Maglain yelled at her.

“No. They will not do that because that will just expose them as the federalists. But this could be a pretext that the federation is going to take back their lost lands....”

“What? How could this be?”

“Do you notice that the armored people no longer appeared? By doing this, the crowd might be riled up and might ask for military retaliation. If we fall right into this trap, the federation will wage wars against both countries and reclaim the lands using ruling incompetency as an excuse. They are certainly smart, but we already see through their plans. Unfortunately, as long as we do not get any proof on this, we can do nothing,”

“Then, if the federalists wants to make up some excuse for war, why they carry out operations in armored gear instead of our uniforms or cloaks?”

“At the time, they thought that as long as the discs were destroyed, the invasion would still happen and they feel that there is no need to use disguises,”

“Anyway, you will need bodyguards for that. I’ll hire a few for you,”

“No. You will be my bodyguard, because I expect you to come along with me,”

“As you wish, miss president,” At the meantime,

“Damn those people...I thought this plan would work....”

“I got news that the leaders of both countries will have a joint live press release,”

“Those foolish morons...they are just inviting their own deaths to us,” No one knows what will happen next....

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