Sunday, 25 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 16=Armor Trouble Part One

At the meantime, at a weapons producing factory,
"Are you sure that this is the best way to expose them?"

"I think this is the only way to ease up my conscience. By the way, if I get killed, please tell our workers that I love them just as much as I love my family,"

"There must be other ways to do it!"

"No. Things will get worse if I do it the direct way," A man wearing a black armor disappeared.

"You can't do this alone, you know," At the meantime,

"What should we do now? Our plans have so far elicited no reactions at all,"

"Why don't just wait for a suitable time for a mass attack on the cities? If we conquer the countries by ourselves and let the federation take over, the final goal would be the exact same,"

"But if that's the case we have to use our own people,"

"Don't worry too much. We have foreign mobs who will work with us,"

"That is indeed a good idea," The next morning,

"What are you doing here?" A person in pink cloak was patrolling around the brown plains and saw someone in black armor.

"Just testing my newly forged armor,"

"Oh, I see. You may go,

"Thank you," The person in black armor disappeared. As the person travelled northeast, a person in green cloak suddenly appeared in front of the person.

"What are you going to do? Assassinate our dictator?"

"I am certainly have no intent of doing so. Anyway, I might as well as introduce myself," The person removed the armor. "My name is Zadras Nalger, the director of Lahanas Weapons Manufacturing," He bowed to the person.

"What is a person from Lyhrof doing here? As far as I concerned, it is illegal for you to enter this land and when you returned you could be executed,"

"I am very well aware of this risk, but my conscience can't bear it. I must tell the dictator myself about some information that may be of help in dealing with these recent incidents,"

"Oh? Would you like to have an escort then? My name is Caelioe Niqias, a Investigator Guard of Ceroif," The person removed the hood part of the cloak.

"Sure, but why?"

"I am very well aware that you should know better. After all, if the big factory producing regular armors are going to spill who their clients are, chances are that you are going to be hunted by people who wanted to keep this a secret,"

"Indeed. Let's move on," As the two dashed along the plains, a laser blast was fired at them.

"Spell! Barrier!" A square force field appeared right to them and shattered upon blocking it.

"Now hand over that guy to us!" A man in black formal wear and gas mask appeared right to them with shoulder cannons mounted on his shoulders.

"Like I would allow you!" She took out a polycarbonate claymore and dashed towards him.

"Catch up with me later! I can fight in case that someone else are attacking me!" Zadras dashed away from them. "Damn...they noticed this already?"

"If you wished for death so much, I'll grant you a quick and painless death!" Laser blasts were fired onto the ground, but she strafed to her right away from them. Unable to closing in, she switched to a polycarbonate pearl wand and pointed it at him.

"Spell! Weapon detonation!" The shoulder cannons suddenly exploded and he collapsed onto the ground. "Spell! Prison!" Steel bars suddenly surrounded him before he was teleported away. At the meantime,

"You thought that we will just send exactly one person to deal with you? Not way! Mobs, kill him!" Several people in black formal wear dashed towards Zadras.

"Just because I am a businessman does not mean that I cannot fight at all! Eat this!" He took out his titanium rapier and slammed it onto the ground. "Spell! Spiking ground!" Several rock stalagmites struck up from the ground and the people were split into two.

"What kind of horror is this...." A woman in the same gear teleported herself away. He dashed along the plains, but he saw nothing. After 30 minutes, he stopped dashing and sat on the ground, waiting for Caelioe to catch up with him. After 15 minutes,

"You are certainly fast, aren't you?"

"We are in run from the enemies so of course we have to become quick. Or else, we might as well as kill ourselves, you know,"

"I'll contact my superiors about this," She took out a cellphone, only to have the screen blew up when a laser beam was fired at it.

"Watch out!" He pushed her away and his armor reflected the laser beam fired at her away.

"Spell! Weapon...!" She took out her wand, but the gun was suddenly thrown at her while the two saw a woman wearing black formal wear and black mask.

"This will not work on me!" The woman teleported to her back and kicked her upwards, only to have the head decapitated away when he took out a titanium sword.

"Man...this is the first time I killed someone...." His hands were shivering.

"You are doing it for self defense. There's nothing that you can do about it. It's either you kill her or she kill us,"

"Indeed. By the way, isn't that you are going to contact your superior? I can lend my phone to you,"

"Oh? Thanks,"

"Sir...please answer...."

"Yes, how can I be of your assistance today?"

"I am currently escorting a person who claimed that having information of who are responsible over the recent incidents,"

"Are you really sure of this?"

"Yes. In fact, we were attacked by a few people who were wearing black formal wear and masks,"

"This is a very serious matter. At any rate, return to the capital with said person and bring that person to me now!"

"As instructed, sir," The call was ended.

"If this is the case, we have to move along. Now step on this weapon and hug me tightly. It's going to be a harsh ride," He put his sword onto the ground. The trouble continues....

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