Sunday, 25 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 15=Quarrel & Chaos

At the meantime,

“Sir, is the attack incidents in Wogrit and Ceroif linked to the federalists who openly requested the government to wage wars on them to reclaim the lost lands?”

“I am certainly sure that they are involved in such matter, but since that we have recently adopted legal measures similar to that of Wogrit, it would be impossible for us to prosecute them unless they personally file a criminal registration,”

“I bet that the reason this federation adopting this stance is to allow covert spying operations without getting caught,”

“Such accusation is a very serious matter. We should have known that the federalists are not related to us!”

“Then why some high ranking officials publicly saying that they wished that the old federation return?”

“That is their personal opinion and you know that unless a public notice is published these opinions are never made official,”

“I spotted them donning armors suspiciously similar the ones involved in several attack incidents in Wogrit back when the country was caught in the dictator insulting scandal,”

“Then why you don’t just simply report them to the legal authorities? We can do nothing about it unless someone officially filing the reports to us. Don’t forget what happened a year ago,”

“I understand. We will file police reports after this meeting ends,”

“By the way, I have received reports that there was an assassination attempt on the leaders of Wogrit and Ceroif,”

“That’s awful,”

“Who the fuck is trying to making things worse,”

“Let’s vote for the condemnation of the assassination,”

“ appeared that we all agreed that the assassination should not be happening, but let’s leave that to the relevant authorities to deal with them,”

“But I heard that the gun used is from this country,”

“What do you expect? The gun model used, KP4-X2 Helang does get exported to Wogrit and Ceroif so it won’t be surprising that the assassins have access to them. The outer parts are the same with KP4-X1 Kuda, though. We all know that people love to use the KP4-X1 Kuda outer parts even when we actually use KP4-X2 Helang just for the sake of intimidation. The only difference is just the way the magazines are locked,”

“You seemed to know who they actually are,”

“News travel fast these days, you know. There are attacks at the leader’s offices as we speak, you know,”

“What? These people are crazy!”

“Perhaps they thought that this will incite hate among the people, but unfortunately the reactions in both countries are more or less ‘screw those bastards, we won’t ask for wars’,”

“By the way, what will we do if they are found hiding in this country?”

“We can’t arrest them unless the foreign authorities request for deportation. Even that requires them to be identified,”

“The best that we can do at this moment is to identifying the possible instigators of these incidents,”

“What do you mean by that? You thought that the insulting scandal is linked to the more recent incidents?”

“Indeed. Both could be possibly attempts to force the two countries to get into war, but unless our people are responsible in that, it is best to not intervene,”

“Agreed,” At the meantime, outside of the coliseum,

“Seriously...just how much people has to die in these attacks?” A person in green cloak was touching the black ground.

“These uniforms...they are clearly stolen,” Haverit and Dergias walked out from the coliseum.


“The uniforms lack names, insignias and badges. I bet that the people responsible for this incident has overlooked this matter. We might as well contact the Wogrit authorities about our cloaks,”

“Yeah. The actual cloaks have something different in them,” At the meantime, at the Dictatorial Dorms,

“Assassins in stolen will regret that you picked me to kill instead of that weakling of the dictator,” A woman in white robe took out a plastic club attached to a large PVC pipe. “Spell! Spread ball!” A cannonball was fired upwards from the pipe which split into several smaller ones and knocked several people in green F-1 uniforms onto the ground.

“Damn...retreat!” The people teleported themselves away. At the meantime,

“These cloaks looked different....” Fyerive examined the cloaks lying on the ground by removing them.

“They just looked exactly the same to me....”

“Try contact our interpol over there. They certainly know how are the cloaks worn by the officers over there,”

“Okay,” Maglain took out a cellphone. “Hello, can I speak to your superior?”

“I am the superior here, vice-president. Anything that can be of our assistance?”

“We found cloaks who belong to people who attacked our office just now. Can you tell us what are the properties of the cloaks worn by an actual guard?”

“At the very least, the insides of the cloak should have a badge in them,”

“There’s nothing in them,” Fyerive said.

“I can confirm that these people are not Ceroif Guards,”

“Thank you for your information. See you later,” The call was ended.

“Seriously...who are these people....” At the meantime,

“You used some disgruntled locals to do the attack...what a smart strategy,”

“Of course. We can’t let ourselves exposed by hiring people from our own country, you know,”

“By the way, did you dispose the armors properly?”

“Yes. There should be none left,”

“Good. If the helmets fall into someone’s hands, we might as well get exposed,”

“I have a plan for that already. Just sit back and eat some popcorns,” At the meantime, at Fideas town,

“I heard that there were attacks at both the coliseum and presidential office,” A few people in green cloaks were checking their cellphones.

“What do you expect when people are so daring that they attempt to assassinate our leaders?” A few people in white formal wear drank a cup of tea.

“Wait...the dictator’s wife was attacked but she chased them out instead....”

“That’s quite a badass of a woman,”

“She defeated him as part of their marriage proposal, period and also served during the independence war,”

“Let’s see what happens next,” No one knows what happens next....

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