Thursday, 8 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 7=Warning

“If you think that I am like that pacifist of our president, then you are wrong. Absolutely wrong. Spell! Evacuate!” The journalists were disappeared.

“You don’t have to fight, vice president. I’ll deal with that person while you escape!” A man wearing a purple tuxedo launched spear shaped bayonets from both of his handguns. “Spell! Laser coating!” Laser beams coated the spears, but they were knocked upwards just before reaching the person in white armor. The bayonets were seen spinning in front of the person.

“You just plain can’t defeat me!” The bayonets were launched back at him, but he strafed to his right, barely dodging them. “Spell! Flaring explosion!” The ground he was standing on was suddenly exploded, but the flames burned on his tuxedo while he was attaching extended magazines onto his handguns.

“Are you really sure of this?” At the meantime,

“I have expected this to happen, so this place will be a replacement. Let this begin, shall we?”

“Go ahead,” A journalist gave a thumbs up to him.

“Our president is now returning to the capital as we speak, but until she arrives, her location is a national secret which may endanger her if her current location is exposed. At the same time, we have secured the proofs which show that the footage aired earlier which shows the president insulting Ceroif’s dictator is actually hijacked through forced masking techniques. A copy of original footage is currently being sent to Ceroif to be handed directly to the dictator,”

“So, sir, do you expect the delivery to be a success?”

“Yes, because he is currently being escorted by the dictator’s own son who was making an unofficial visit a month ago,”

“Would not that pose a threat instead?”

“Our country has faith in him and so does Ceroif,”

“Sir, we have a call from the dictator himself and requests that the conversation heard by the journalists,” A woman in purple tuxedo whispered at him.

“This is supposed to be not known by him...but let’s go along,” He nodded. “Sorry for interrupting this press statement, but I have a phone call from the dictator himself and requests that this conversation to be heard by you all,” The journalists started mumbling among themselves. After a few seconds,

“As you wish, sir,”

“Open up the loudspeaker,”

“Good afternoon, Maglain Kaosi,”

“Good afternoon to you as well, Dergias Balfeir,”

“I am very well aware that the situation that we have ended up in. So far, I have suspicion that this could be a ploy to cause chaos,”


“As we speak, murder among royalists are in the rise, both Ceroif and Wogrit,”

“That is something that is best left for our legal enforcement officers to deal with,”

“Okay, I won’t let them wait. I am currently moving towards our border while waiting for my son to hand me over the original footage. Despite being a dictator who is supposedly an omniscient ruler, I am still bound to enforce our laws, no matter how oppressive they are. I have already being criticized by allowing too much time to pass before ‘the final judgement’,”

“So you are willing to wage war on us just to enforce that law of yours?”

“Yes. I do not know why my preccedors allow this law to exist, but unless it gets repealed, it must be enforced. I was already reprimanded by my subordinates and citizens for breaking it,”

“I thought that you are an ironclad dictator. Anyway, if this is what is going to happen, be prepared to die. Just because we are currently being demilitarized does not mean we have zero firepower to defend our country. Plus, your son could be killed,”

“That’s why I am giving you a 48 hour limit. That is what was agreed upon in a live meeting among my subordinates. Wait...I have an emergency call from my military administrator. I’ll let everyone hear this,”

“My dictator! We have an emergency here! Our northern border are invaded a group of armored people and our police could not deal with them!”

“Send the Administrative Guards!”

“Seriously, you are not considering using the Dictatorial Guards? Our peacekeeping officers could not deal with them!”

“Of course! Don’t forget that Vogrit is a demilitarized country and your peacekeeping officers were not given proper military training and act more like special forces for your legal enforcement service. These armored people are rumored to be civilian militia who were trained by former terrorists. In contrast, our police officers share some training and gear with our soldiers. These Administrative Guards are more than enough to deal with them,”

“Wait...our citizens did defeat them on a few you know what kind of armor they are using?”

“Since that they do attacked your country as well, I might as well share this. They are wearing yellow and pink colored armors,”

“There a white one currently fighting my bodyguard as we speak,”

“It appeared that they were underestimating your battling personnel so they sent weaker ones. Anyway, orders received,”

“The 48 hour limit will not start until I arrive at the designated position where ‘the final judgement’ shall be performed,”

“I understand. Anyway, we will do everything to prevent this war from happening,”

“I don’t want to wage this war myself as well. But it’s the will of everyone else and I have to respect them. See you later,” Back at the bodyguard,

“I don’t why you are going to assassinate my boss, but you can’t escape from here until either your or me die! Spell! Shockwave!” Shockwaves were emitted when the bodyguard punched the ground.

“My armor is designed to be immune to this sort of thing. Spell! Bounce!” The shockwaves were reflected away.

“Oh? Nothing is immune to waves. Spell! Variable wave force!” He punched the ground again and the armor was cracking.

“Damn...I can’t continue fighting at this rate....” The person teleported away.

“Why everyone is leaving when things they wear in risk of breaking? Is their secrecy of their identities is that important? I better report this to him,” The danger is escalating....

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