Monday, 5 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 4=Urgency

After 15 minutes,

“We’ll escort our president back to the capital immediately. However, to prevent teleportation errors, we have decided that you two will get straight to Kufrio city to get the remote content and send them by hand. Our vice president has attempted contact with Ceroif’s dictator, but he insisted that he will only contact with either you or her,” An officer said to Haverit.

“I suggest that we make two copies. One will be held by us and another in the possession of the president. If we air the....” Haverit said, but Viqios suddenly interrupted.

“No. I suspected that the original signals is already hijacked back then. If she airs the footage, it will be hijacked once more and things will get even worse. It’s better if we simply makes additional copies for us in case of theft,”

“I see. Anyway, you don’t have to escort us. I can fend off any attackers. It’s better if your officers focus on protecting the president,” Haverit said to the officer.

“I understand. By the way, please be careful. We have received reports that a few people has gathered at the Qynoir crater and killed anyone who attempt to cross through there,”

“Do your Information Collection Breau has gathered anything about them?”

“They are dressed in black painted armor,”

“I thought that they are dressed in cloaks or farmer wear,” Viqios’s face turned pale.

“We are currently investigating the possibility of a fourth force involved in this incident, but so far we were unable to gather any information. Anyway, beware of them and escape whenever possible if you see them. They can defeat our peacekeeping soldiers without suffering any casualties,”

“Of course. With that moronic pacifist of our president who demilitarized this country, any foreign offense force could obliterate this place if they feel to. I have criticized this in the papers, but no one listened. Now we have to depend on bounty hunters. What a shame,” Viqios sighed. “Anyway, I decided that I will be armed instead of hiding in that sickly ‘red wall of cowardice’,”

“What kind of weapon will you use? A crowbar?”

“I am not dealing with aliens, you fool!”

“A gun that shoots warp spaces?”

“Nor being a test subject! My armament is better than those!”

“I’ll see if you can actually fight,”

“You’ll know soon enough,” The two left the police station and walked along the roads. After 10 minutes, they saw a big crater in front of them.

“The Qynoir crater...this will be my chance to prove to you that we Wogrit people are not wusses,” He took out a sniper rifle and aimed at them without any sniping scope.

“So there are white deaths in this country...that’s possibly a good thing,” After a few minutes, inside the crater,

“Argh!” A person in black armor screamed and fell onto the ground with some blood splattered away.

“Someone’s sniping us! Spell! Pinpoint thunder!” A thunder spark was fired from the sky.

“Spell! Warp!” The thunder spark disappeared just a meter before reaching Viqios and hit down to another person in black armor. The person was collapsed as well. After another few seconds, the last person in black armor fell down as well.

“Thanks for saving me. Let’s cross this place as soon as possible before anyone else show up. At the meantime,

“What do you mean by this could be a hoax?”

“I received rumors that there is a certain possibility that the broadcast signal was hijacked from its origin,”

“If this is the case, call all troops to return to their bases until further orders. That shall be their internal matters for the time being. However, the spies sent to track the president shall stay put,”

“How about the royalists?”

“I have no control over them. They are never part of any governmental organization of us, thus they are responsible for what they have done,”

“As you instructed, my dictator,” At the meantime,

“What? Military actions in the northern border has ceased?”

“Yes. The president has sent a private message to you,” A letter reads,

“My assistant,

I am currently under our peacekeeping officers’ escort and shall arrive in 10 days if the conditions are favourable, but at the same time, please draft a national remilitarization plan on my behalf with our cabinet. You know the rest of the procedure,

Miss President
Fyerive Onsiel

p.s. By the way, do you miss me, my dear? Sorry for making you worry. I promise that once I get back, I’ll give you a very pleasant surprise,”

“This is not the best way to talk things like that....” At the meantime,

“Not another intruder...Spell! Piercing acid jet!” Several sulphuric acid jets were fired from a wand, piercing through a black armor several times before it collapsed. “Please be quick, professor. I can barely fight against these intruders....” At the meantime,

“What do you mean by the president is currently being escorted?”

“I guess that we have to sit back and let this plan progress on its own. I think this will be the only viable way,”

“If that’s the case, let’s sit back and eat some popcorn. Something interesting will happen soon enough, but let the black armored people rest for a while,” Back at them,

“Are you sure that we should just leave the dead bodies here?” Viqios asked Haverit.

“We have to be quick and reach your storage spaces. People could be attacking them as we speak with no one noticing anything,”

“You are damned right this time. Let’s go,” After another half an hour, they reached Kufrio city and a man in white uniform suddenly rushed towards them.

“Please be quick, professor! Attackers have destroyed most of our remote access computers and the only one left is at the abandoned warehouse,”

“What? I will not let that one gets destroyed. Haverit, I’ll take the lead! Hold my body tightly! Spell! Wind thruster boost!” Haverit hugged Viqios from behind and they suddenly accelerated as if being pushed by strong winds. After 5 minutes, upon entering a red painted warehouse,

“Take this!” This is not going to be good....

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