Saturday, 31 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 23=Exposure Part Two

"Damn!" Fyerive slammed her hands onto the ground.

"Unfortunately, said federalist committed suicide. I guess that people in Wogrit might know who that person is," Quanvor said.

" appeared that there's no way we can extract information from that person...." Fyerive sighed.

"Anyway, if you want to have a very slight chance to save us, then attempt to get contact from the opposition and devise a plan to sabotage public execution. It is a tradition for Lyhorf to execute criminals charged with treason in the public, specifically the Rozandras river bank, just before Silgrai river that separates Lyhorf and Wogrit from Nadlas and Ervilant," Zadras said.

"If the Imperior approves this, I will do this job myself," Largian stared sharply at the screen.

"I guess this is it for our revelation. I bet that there will be a lot of unanswered questions that you wished us to answer, but it appeared that someone's approaching. Hopefully we'll be alive to answer the rest," The display disappeared.

"How about some surprise to shock that chairman, Dergias?"

"For two countries which were in animosity for years, it is surprsing that we can get into equal conclusions a lot of times. Hopefully he will not get a heart attack over that,"

"Don't tell me that you plan to repeal all sanctions as soon as you two returned to the capitals. That is too quick despite the preparation," Largian suddenly raised his voice.

"Then show him the documents, Dergias,"

"Indeed," Two wooden boxes appeared in front of Largian. "I think it would be a waste of time for you to refer all of them, right?"

"May I take them for case study then?"

"Of course you can!" Dergias and Fyerive said together. Everyone in the hall including the journalists sitting down the stage laughed together. "We intend to let foreign researchers to get access to these usually classified information. Consider yourself lucky that you get the only first grade copy of these yet to be classified documents. We'll only declassify these information only when the sanction repeals actually started," The two said together again and the hall was filled with laughter once more.

"Seriously, you two speaking together is funny, but this idea is not. No government would take you seriously anymore and this is streamed live, for fuck's sake!"

"We dare any world leaders to call us out, now!" The two shouted together. Then suddenly the display appeared again.

"I do not know why you are sharing these documents to us, but I bet that you have some ulterior motives behind this," A man wearing a white robe appeared on the black display.

"My Imperior!"

"This is basically a pretext for telling you that we should start negotiation for the Silgrai port line which was stopped for years," Fyerive said.

"By the way, would you accept these documents for exchange for removal of full embargo?"

"I hate to admit that this is too good to be let up, but if a dictator let his subordinates decide for him, why not the Imperior? I must talk with my underlings about this before I can answer. Thankfully I have the power to summon them right now. If you could wait for some time...." The display suddenly 

"I think he will try to persuade them to accept this deal. He wanted to have a port built near to the river for a long time," Largian sighed.

"So, should we appoint him as our foreign advisor for this matter?" Dergias asked Fyerive.

"Hey, isn't that this is something that has to be approved through legislative branches first?" Largian raised his voice.

"No. In fact, this is an executive matter and we can do whatever hell we want until we get some opposition from the public," Fyerive winked at him.

"Seriously...this is supposed to be a heated...."

"Are you implying that our bilateral diplomatic relationship is still sinking at the low point? We have the right to replace you, just for a reminder," A man in white formal wear stared him sharply.

"I mean that this is something that should not elicit laughter to the entire hall. I've been moderating international negotiations for a few years and this is the first time I get into this kind of absurd situation where everything was not taken that seriously,"

"To be frank, the real purpose of this meeting is to share information held by Quanvod and Zadras and the sanction repeal is just some formalities between us,"

"I know that both of you are trying to tell Lyhorf that you are no longer bowing down to their political power, but what if they read this as an actual declaration of war against them?"

"Just becase we are remilitarizing does not mean that we want to invade other countries. It was a mistake in the beginning that I demilitarize our country and I have to rectify it," Fyerive sighed.

"I see. I'll accept the advisor position, but I have no guarantee that I am capable of giving you the best advice ever,"

"Thank you very much," After half an hour,

"My Imperior, how is the negotiation with the underlings went?"

"It went successfully. By the way, please do your best in the advisory jobs. If you need any imperial servants for help, I can always summon them to you,"

"Thank you, my Imperior," At the meantime,

"What do you mean by this? If we go on an all out war with them we are risking eliminating themselves!"

"Has your ruling of the federation has turned you into a wimp? Our plans are all foiled and this is the only way. We have backup from the real military,"

"Hey, I thought that we have agreed to leave the federation staffs out from this unless they volunteered on this. Also, we have agreed that to never use the military force!"

"Yes. We used to agreed with this, but the circumstances has forced us to do this. Also, to prevent you from trying to get your chairman son knowing this sort of thing, we have no choice but to silence you," This is getting critical....

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