Sunday, 25 August 2013

Xiovias-Chapter 17=Armor Toruble Part Two

Sometime earlier,
"Both sides need to be notified of this matter. I am very sure of this. You can't do this alone," A man donned a black armor and teleported himself away. After 30 minutes,

"Hey, what an armored person is doing here?"

"That doesn't seem good. Let's check on him," A few people in blue uniforms suddenly blocked him while was walking along the streets of Fideas town. "Sir, you are being suspicious and I need you to follow us," He remained silent while following them. After a few minutes, they entered a police station and he was sent into an interrogation room with wooden table and chairs in the middle.

"Who are you?" The man remained silent.

"What were you doing just now?"

"Where were you going?" The man was still silent.

"Let him go. At this rate we won't know anything," He was released and he continued walking along the streets while people were staring at him. Next, after leaving the town and walking along a grass plain,

"Why are you donning an armor?" A woman in black formal wear and mask suddenly appeared in front of him while wielding a pair of revolver.

"I have no obligation to answer to you," He suddenly spoke.

"Then I have no choice but to kill you!" She fired her revolvers at him, but he strafed to his left and took out a pine wood staff.

"You would have killed my anyway regardless of my answer. Spell! Grounded bind!" Green vines suddenly crawled up her and strangled her onto the ground. "Spell! Thunder spark!" A few thunder sparks struck onto her, electrocuting her and the vines. The vines were burned and the flames spread to her dead body while he walked past it. Next, he stepped onto the staff and suddenly dashed fast.

"The capital...I must reach there, or else...." After half an hour, a man in black formal wear and mask fired a laser blast at him, but he suddenly jumped over it and stopped dashing. "Another attacker?"

"So you've killed my partner. You are going to pay for it!" He dropped his shoulder cannons onto the ground and dashed towards the man while taking out a pair of titanium knives.

"You are going to pay for attacking me instead. Spell! Internal combustion!" His body was turned into ashes while the man was collapsed onto the ground. After 20 minutes, he woke up and saw a female face above him. "Who are you? What are we doing here?"

"I saw you collapsed and had you sleep on my lap,"

"I see. Anyway, who are you?" He woke up and saw her pink F-1 uniform.

"My name is Flivea Lardios, a special operations officer. I heard of news of an armored person passing through Fideas town and I was assigned to check on this matter,"

"My name is Quanvor Parigas, chief executive officer of Lahanas Weapons Manufacturing,"

"Wait...that means...."

"I am from Lyhorf federation. In fact, I am going to see the president myself about the recent incidents that happened recently,"

"Well, I'll try to contact them and see if I can arrange for a formal escort for you," She took out her flip cellphone.

"So, how is the thing going?"

"Is this...?"
"Yes, this is the president of Wogrit speaking on behalf on your direct superior. I have received news that you have an armored person with you. I need a serious explanation regarding this,"

"May I turn on the loudspeaker?"


"The president is on the phone. You should be able to speak of what you intended to,"

"Miss president, I have solid proofs that...we need to speak later, we got company!" He heard pulsing sounds and rolled away from a stalagmite suddenly struck up from the ground.

"Another attacker?"

"Indeed. I will annialate both of you!" A woman in black formal wear and mask appeared behind them while wielding a pair of platinum obsidian wands.

"Obisidan wands? Spell! Weapon detonation!" The wands were suddenly exploded. Next, Filvea fired her handguns at her head repeatedly. Next, upon seeing her collapsed onto the ground, Filvea dashed towards her and shot her neck several times.

"That's brutal, but considering that headshots could be not fatal, this is necessary,"

"Can you describe what the attacker was wearing?" The president resumed the call.

"She was wearing black formal wear and mask,"

"This is a very serious matter. We'll prepare some emergency teleportation for you two. It will take some time so stay put and defend youself from the attackers when they appear,"

"I understand," She put the cellphone on the ground while reloading her magazine.

"This could be risky. These sorts of teleportations could be intercepted and we might end up in other countries when that happened,"

"I know, but that is the only way to get straight to the capital, isn't it?"

"Indeed," At the meantime,

"Are you really sure that you are going to use that? If anyone intercepts the teleportation, they could end up anywhere," Maglain asked.

"We have no choice but to do so. I feared that they might not be able to survive the journey to the capital," Fyerive replied in a louder tone.

"If that's the case, I'll call people from our magic learning institites to help in this matter,"

"Thank you," At the meantime,

"Hey, who are you hiring for the attacks? I know that we should not be hiring local mobs, but you need to be careful of which foreign mobs that you are hiring,"

"They are independent mobs. That means they work for anyone. Of course, to disguise that, I have specific coustumes for them so that people would mistake them as some sort of gangsters,"

"I see. Anyway, any news?"

"So far, none,"

"Let's see...damn...."

"Those mobs are useless. They were all killed, but at least the authorities seemed to be mistaking them for a crime society operating in Wogrit and Ceroif,"

"Then we might as well as send more mobs for attacking them. Perhaps we could be able to kill the leaders too," This is not going to be good at all....

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