Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Xiovias

The title of this work actually refers to the weapon wielded by the main character who is currently unnamed. It's a pencil shaped club with a sword design. The details are as below:

"Hilt" dimensions: diameter 2.5cm × length 20cm cylinder
"Blade" dimensions: diameter 2.5cm × length 75cm cylinder
"Tip" dimensions: diameter 2.5cm × length 5cm cone
Colors: Black hilt, silver blade, black tip
Material: 50% titanium, 50% aluminum
Weight: 4408.5g
Forger: The main character's father
Origin: A sword forged for an independence war against neighboring countries. Capable to channel magic particles and cast spells.

Since that this is a public domain work, this item shall also falls under public domain.

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